WIPs and UFOs

These are the most up to date photos of all the things I've started but not finished. One day...

To date as of 12 January 2018:

1.  Alice and the Dodo by GeckoRouge (started 8 April 2015)

As a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, what better way to celebrate the 150th year since publication than starting this gorgeous kit?  This one is purely for me and there is no end date on it, I'm just going to enjoy watching it grow and grow!

2. Sheltered by Dimensions (started 1 September 2016)

I started this one for Solo September, for younger son.  I love working on it though it's all grey and white!

3. Santa's Midnight Ride by Dimensions (started 27 December 2016)

This was a Christmas gift in 2016 from my husband and sons, the first time in over ten years of marriage he has bought me anything stitchy!

4. The Nutcracker by Bothy Threads (started 19 June 2017)

5. Alice in Clockwork by Heaven and Earth Designs (started 14 September 2017)

6. Storykeep Rainbow Valley by Heaven and Earth Designs

7. Mini Owl Family Portrait by Heaven and Earth Designs (started 30 November 2017)

8. Ciseaux et Bobines by Jardin Prive (started 3 January 2018)

9. I'm Late by Bothy Threads (started 9 January 2018)

10. Four Seasons Sampler by Giulia Punti Antichi 

11. A Bit of... by Lizzie*Kate (started series 28 December 2016)

12. Twelve Blessings of Christmas by Lizzie*Kate (started series 19 October 2016)

13. The Stitching Moon by Heaven and Earth Designs

14. A Very Merry Autumn and A Very Merry Winter (JBW Designs) (started series 3 March 2017)

15. Alice by AuryTM


ems84 said...

That's a lot of stitches! I've done the bothy pirate ship (brother works as a pirate) and I'm just staring the Holiday Village at the moment. I know what you mean by the complication of it - definitely the most complicated one I've started!

Esmeralda said...

I have finished my holliday village in 2009 i think
And every one who enterance the house also give me compliments about that one :)
So please please finish that one you will really not regret it :)
Mine is framed with a dark red velvet pass partou what gives it even more depth :)

Brigitte said...

Great to see all your WIP updates here. I do the same on my BAP site and it's always a nice feeling to add the latest stitching update on a piece.