Saturday, 26 May 2018

What to do when your favourite designer retires

Hello and welcome to my blog!

It is a few months since I posted an update here.  I have seen quite a few regular bloggers decide to give up or have a break and I have been thinking the same thing myself, but I've quite missed blogging!  So here goes another try.

I am still stitching almost every day.  I have a project with a deadline which is for my Mum's upcoming 70th birthday in September.  She asked me to stitch her a Lowry design but she doesn't know which one I chose.

Here is where it was last time you saw it back on 1 March 2018...

and here is where I'm up to now on it...

This is a reminder of how the finished piece will look...

Photo borrowed from Bothy Threads website

I think I'm just about on target to finish by the end of July which is when I will need to take it for framing.  The pink mill and the roofs of the market stalls are almost done and that's the bulk of the full coverage.  Then onto the fun part - the people!

I've had quite a few small finishes as well but as usual they are not fully finished into anything yet.

Seasons - Spring by Lizzie Kate

A Little Stitch by Lizzie Kate

A Little Coffee by Lizzie Kate

Chick Party (small ornament) by Lizzie Kate

Bird in Hand - Spring by Heart in Hand Needleart

Can you tell I went a bit crazy when I found out Lizzie Kate was retiring?! I think I bought enough charts to last me a lifetime!

Hope to be back soon with some more stitching.

Until next time