Thursday, 30 November 2017

Alice in Clockwork - Heaven and Earth Designs

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry I've neglected my blog for so long...

But I have been stitching!

Back in September I admitted to my friend Ingrid that I was feeling a bit fed up with my WIPs (works in progress) and that I had been seriously thinking of starting a Heaven and Earth Designs chart (HAED for short).

Funnily enough Ingrid had been thinking the same thing!  And so began our adventure...

On 14 September I started stitching on Alice in Clockwork by Jasmine Beckett Griffith.   The chart was gifted to me a while ago by an inspirational HAED stitcher who blogs at Pull the Other Thread. For those in the know, she is classed as a QS or Quick Stitch, though at 185 stitches wide and 232 stitches high there's still plenty of stitching to be done!

This is what she will look like when finished...

(picture borrowed from HAED website)

And here is my progress after 11 weeks of stitching on her!

I've completed three of the nine pages in the chart which represents the whole of the top row of this design, and roughly 45% of the total of the chart.  I'm stitching her with one thread on 25 count easy guide aida.

I can hardly bear to put her away but today I am treating myself to this new start, the chart for which Ingrid very kindly gave me.  This chart is called Mini Owl Family Portrait by Annya Kai.

There are over 40 rows of DMC 3766 at the top to begin with which should be relaxing to stitch!  I'm looking forward to some bright colours after the browns and golds of Alice.

Hope to be back with you before too long.

Until next time