Monday, 29 August 2016

Solo September sign up

Hello everyone

Back by popular demand (well I've had one email asking where the sign-up page is!) I'm hosting another monogamous month, where we stitch on just one project for the whole month.  This month I'm a bit more organised and we will have a sign-up page so that anyone who wants to be jealous at how much progress we all make can find a link to the blogs of those who are joining in.

If you haven't heard of this SAL before, take a look at my posts for Faithful April and Just One July.  The idea is that rather than flitting from project to project, you pledge to stitch on just one project (or two if you finish your original choice!) for the whole of the month.  It's a great way to see progress particularly on larger projects or those that you keep putting to one side for whatever reason.

There are no rules to the sign-up except that it would be nice if you could link to this post below with a blog post including a "before" photo of the project you plan to work on, and I will put another link-up post at the end of the month where you can put a link to your blog showing your "after" progress.  Feel free to post updates throughout the month, and link up here if you would like.

I'm a bit later with posting this than I would have liked.  The main reason is that I can't decide what project to work on!  I had planned to work on Frosty Forest which was here last time I stitched on it...

and should look like this when finished...

But I am really keen to have a new start!

Anyway, I still have three more days to go before I have to make a final decision.

I hope you'll join me and see just how much you can achieve with one month dedicated to a single project!


Thursday, 4 August 2016

Just One July and Solo September

OK so I know it's August now, but it's been one of those weeks...busy at work and home and barely time for anything!

Just One July was my own little informal SAL where I decided to stitch on just one project for the whole month.  Several stitchers decided to join me and lots of progress has been made!

I was off to a great start to my month by finishing this project which was promised to my younger son back when I started it in January 2014.  Glad to have this off the WIP list...

Cut Thru Pirate Ship by Bothy Threads
Started 6 January 2014, finished 14 July 2016

The second half of the month was much less productive.  I don't know whether the heat got to me or if I'm just not enjoying this project.  I chose to stitch my second oldest WIP and could have had it finished too if I'd spent more time on it.  Anyway, it went from here...

to here...

Family Band Sampler by Riverdrift House

This is stitched on 14 count white aida which isn't something I would choose to work on now but it's surprisingly relaxing and stitches up quickly.  I'm just over halfway through it now but I could have stitched so much more!

I am planning to run my monthly SAL again for Solo September - but this time I will do a "real" SAL with sign-ups!  It will be low stress, the only commitment will be to work on just one project for the whole month (or two if like me you have a finish!) and to post a before and after photo to share your progress.  You can feel free to update your blog during the month to share progress if you wish but there's no obligation to do so.

I will be putting a sign-up page up later in the month, and feel free to join me if you want to make a big dent in something, or if you have a deadline to meet, or just fancy stitching One At A Time for a change!

Happy stitching!