Sunday, 1 May 2016

Faithful April is finished!

Hello!  You may remember that I pledged to stitch on just one project in April, this one...

Cut Thru Rocket by Bothy Threads
(sadly not my finish)

I started this project on 2 January 2015 but had barely touched it since.  It is going to be a gift to eldest son who will soon be 8 so the pressure is on now to finish it before he is too old to enjoy it!

At the start of the month it looked like this...

And I am very pleased to show you just how much I managed to stitch this month!

I'm so thrilled with my progress and what's more I'm not sick of the sight of it and am planning to pick it up again in May after a short break to finish off a couple of gifts.  In fact, I now have a deadline for finishing it of 5 June 2016 - the day Tim Peake returns to Earth from the International Space Station, and also the day before eldest son's birthday!

Thanks to everyone who joined me or cheered me on in April.  I can definitely recommend this as a way to make progress on a WIP!

Next time you see this one it might be finished....