Thursday, 12 March 2015

Lots of progress...

I've been at home most of the week dealing with poorly children.  Thankfully they are on the mend now but being at home instead of work has meant lots of time for housework and stitching!  I was tempted to show you photographs of what I consider my most major achievements of the week, namely having empty washing and ironing baskets, but I know you're just here for the stitching.  So without further ado, I have three (yes three) finishes for you today!

First up is my second YOTA project of the year.  I can't wait for the YOTA update so here it is...

Clocks by Lanarte
Stitched with supplied evenweave and threads
Started 8th January 2014, finished 9th March 2015

Boy am I glad to see this one finished!  I was going cross-eyed with all the sepia and browns.  I personalised it a bit by changing the times on some of the clocks, to include the time of day we got married and the times both of our sons were born.

I needed some colour next, so for some reason I chose this one...

Autumn House by The Trilogy
Stitched on a random piece of linen
with recommended WDW and GAST threads
Started 11th January 2015, finished 10th March 2015

Autumn House isn't technically finished as it needs some autumn buttons sewing on.  I have some on order and hopefully it will be properly done in time for Gifted Gorgeousness on the 15th, as this was a gift from Heather.

And finally for the finishes, here's the March finish for the Joan Elliott Calendar SAL I am taking part in along with Mii Stitch and others.

Flying High
Stitched on Misty Morn linen from Sparklies
using recommended DMC threads
Started February 2015, finished 11th March 2015

Three finishes in three days!  Today I picked up one of my Crazy January Challenge pieces and worked on it while the boys enjoyed their last afternoon "off sick".

Easter Blessings by Stitchers Anon

I had already stitched the little chick in the basket on the day I started it, but I haven't picked this one up since.  Today I managed to stitch Holmesy the Hare and Fergus the Deer.  Such a cute design!  I have the lettering and the border to do and then it's finished.

My plan for the year was to have one old piece and one of my new starts on the go at the same time, swapping each one when it was finished or when I felt like it.  Unfortunately none of my older pieces are grabbing me at the moment!  So if you are interested, please take a look at my Unfinished Object tab at the top and let me know which project you would like to see up next.  I'll go with the majority!

Thanks for looking.  Until next time,



  1. Glad to hear your children are all on the mend now. Wow three finishes in a week - they all look fantastic.

    I like the look of the Riverdrift sampler.

  2. HI!!! Nice to meet you :) congratulations for your beautiful works! I'm a new follower from Italy :)

  3. Hello Justine,
    I have been peeking thus far only, but figured to respond. Love your posts and your many wonderful projects. My vote goes to Dimensions Gold Collection Holiday Village, it's a 2008 start and I think it would be great stitch to continue.

  4. As sorry to hear the kiddies have been unwell. Hope they are feeling better now. You have made amazing progress. Congrats on all your finishes, they look great. I would also vote for Holiday Village.

  5. I vote for Treasure Hunt Bookshelf! There is so much going on there that you are sure to stay interested. Congrats on the finish!

  6. I vote for Overlook Cafe. Congrats on the awesome finishes Justine. Nice progress on Holmsey.


  7. I just love the design of Fergus the Deer! He is so cute!! Great that you had three whole finishes and love the personal touch on the clocks. I'm glad your little ones are on the mend and that you defeated the Evil Laundry Pile.

    I vote for umm... well I was going to say Happy Camper because it's happy! But then I thought Holiday Village needed some love. But Treasure Hunt Bookshelf is so lovely! So I am no help. Stitch them all! \ :D /

  8. Congrats on the finishes they're gorgeous! As for the UFO I vote treasure bookshelf but I don't know if that counts since it's not exactly old :D

  9. I'd say Morning Glory because it looks like a near finish. All of your finishes look great. Great idea using your families dates for the clocks!

  10. Congratulations on all your finishes. They are lovely!!! Easter Blessings is looking good.

    I vote for Morning Glory or Frosty Forest!!!

  11. The clocks are just beautiful! I would probably just work on Easter Blessings for now.

  12. What wonderful finishes! You did get a lot accomplished!!!! I do love the idea of personalizing the clocks--very clever!
    Any of the UFOs would be great, but I agree with Shelly that Morning Glory looks almost finished--It would be a very quick finish!!
    Also, the Jingle as Ye Enter is so cute--I've seen that one made up--too cute!!!
    I'm sure whatever you select will be great!!!

  13. They all look wonderful. I will vote for cocktail hour to celebrate empty washing and ironing baskets :)

  14. Wow! Congratulations on three finishes. Your house must have been shaking with all the happy dancing you were doing! What a great idea to personalise the times on the clocks too.
    As you've been working with some muted colours recently, how about finishing off Nora's Morning Glory. She's colourful and it doesn't look as if there's that much more to do (or are there a million beads?)
    Oh, and congratulations on your housework. I don't think I've ever had both baskets empty! So sorry to hear your bugs were poorly though. I'm glad they're on the mend. Hugs to them both. :)

  15. Lovely finish all three. I really like your idea of the personalize time .

  16. Congrats on the three finishes!! They are all lovely but the cutest one is the JE SAL piece :)
    Nice to know that your kids are feeling better.

  17. Love the idea of changing the times on the clocks! I vote for Holiday Village, I've stitched this one and it's beautiful when it's done.

  18. It would have been great to see your empty ironing basket - something that haven't seen here for a long time and I have totally forgotten what it looks like, lol.

    BUt great to see three finishes, wow. Particularly the clock piece is looking gorgeous. You must be so glad that it's done. And I also like the other two. Looking forward to seeing what challenge piece you dig out next.

    Good to read that your kids are on the mend.

  19. Glad to hear that the kiddos are on the mend! And to me those empty baskets are definitely achievements worth tooting your horn over!!
    Congrats on the fantastic finishes! I love that you personalised the clocks with all those lovely details!
    Your next project? Hmmm....I'm tempted to say one of HAEDs but Morning Glory looks like she'd be a quicker finish :) So my vote goes with her!
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  20. Your doing great with your stitching , love the clock one.

  21. che belli! quanti progressi

  22. Fantastic progress. So glad the kids are on the mend.


  23. Awe please to hear the small ones (children) are on the mend...but WOW!! Go you!! You have been super busy and stitching loads. Congratulations on finishing the clocks design... It is very cool.. I mean looks really great!! Not only that but 2 other finishes!! Nice!! Ooooh but I have to mention your latest stitch... Yes "stitchers anon" have the cutest of designs.... Oooh and this is an Easter one!!
    Happy stitching
    Smiles :)

  24. I see you were at home too :) I was like your little ones!! And I too managed to finish all the ironing pile... difficult to stitch with a runny nose :D
    Congrats on all your finishes. The clocks really look good & I love the idea of changing the time to make it more personal.
    Really have to start stitching my March design for the JEC SAL...
    Have a lovely weekend x

  25. Glad to hear the kiddos are doing better. It's sure been going around. Love your finishes. I just love the idea about changing the clocks. Perfect! Love your other 2 finishes. The Joan Elliot pieces are just adorable!!! I would celebrate with you over the empty laundry basket....something I never see haha. I don't iron clothes so I don't have to worry about that at least haha. I love all your projects on the tab but I vote for Happy Camper because I would like to see what it looks like. I love camping.

  26. Glad the kiddos are on the mend. I would have loved to see your empty laundry baskets; that's a major accomplishment! But I love seeing all your finishes, too; congrats! That is so neat how you changed the times on the clocks; it makes it a much more meaningful finish. Great progress on the Easter one, too. From your unfinished page, I like the Frosty Village best.

  27. Wow three lovely finishes! Applause for that great idea on the clock, personalizing the time make it extra special indeed! Neat;)

  28. Love your Joan Elliott!!! Well done on your finish!

  29. Congrats on the productive week! I love what you did with the time on your clocks.

  30. Congrats on your many finishes. Hope the kids are feeling better.

  31. Yay! Congrats on the finishes! Beautiful stitching :D

  32. No fun having sick children at home, I hope they are fully recovered and back to school today.
    Wonderful finishes, well done.

  33. The clocks look great ~ I love how you personalized them!!! Hope all are feeling better now!

  34. Glad to hear the children are on the mend.
    My vote for unfinished project would be the Bothy Threads History one because I think the children would like it.

  35. Glad to hear the Kids are feeling better! I bet you enjoyed having the time to stitch though :) Look at all the progress you've made, it's wonderful. Congrats on the finishes! I love the Joan Elliott one!

    I vote that you pick up Mirabilia's Morning Glory, she's so nearly done, it won't take you long to have another finish ticked off.

  36. Your clocks are just beautiful! Maybe I'm partial to browns, but I just love the attention to detail and the shades.

  37. Love your little bear, its so cute.

  38. Congrats on all your finishes! I really love the idea that you changed the clock times for your personal special occasions. That's a beautiful touch Justine.
    xo Alicia