Saturday, 28 March 2015

Five down ten to go!

...Debbie's Crazy January Challenge pieces, that is!

Last night I finished up March's Daffodils.  I'm pleased as I actually managed to finish it in March!  And here it is...

March's Daffodils by Cottage Garden Samplings
Stitched on 32 count Permin linen French Lace
with recommended DMC, WDW and GAST threads
Started 8th January 2015, finished 27th March 2015

A couple of close-ups...

Love the cute Irish hat and pot of gold!

And here are a couple of pieces I picked up from the framer yesterday too.

The Wizard of Oz by The Little Stitcher

Miss Peepers by Little House Needleworks

This lady, Sheila, is a new framer to me and I think she's done an awesome job!  She spent a lot of time with me choosing the perfect frame and did not try to pressure me to have anything expensive, instead helping me to choose what was right for the project.  In the end we both agreed a simple finish looked best.  Find her here if you're in the Cheshire/Liverpool area.

I wonder what to stitch on next?!

Until next time

Sunday, 22 March 2015

A finish and a little progress

I'm trying not to get too excited but here's the fourth finish from my 15 new starts for the Crazy January Challenge 2015 in Debbie's memory.

Easter Blessings by Stitchers Anon
Started 3rd January 2015, finished 19th March 2015
Stitched on 16 count Zweigart Rustico aida
with recommended DMC threads

This was such a sweet stitch.  The inner part stitched up pretty quickly but the border took a while!  I stitched all the leaves and flowers first and then zoned out stitching in the pink behind it.  Stitching borders can be a lot like meditation can't it?

I just looked back at my progress on last year's Crazy January Challenge and at this point in 2014 I also had four finishes and another two early into April!  I ended the year with five unfinished pieces.  Must try harder!

I have a little progress to show on March's Daffodils...
March's Daffodils by Cottage Garden Samplings
Started 8th January 2015

I will have to hope that the daffodils last until April as I don't think this is going to be finished any time soon!  There are too many other pieces calling for my attention, and I'm trying to resist the lure of a new start.

Firstly there's this shouting to me...
Alice and the Dodo by GeckoRouge

and today a lovely fellow stitcher, from Pull the Other Thread blog, gifted me this beauty.
QS Alice in Clockwork by Heaven and Earth Designs

Thank you so much, it's absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to get going on it!

Can you tell I have a bit of a "thing" for Alice in Wonderland?  It was my favourite book as a young girl and I still have the lovely leather-bound edition my mum bought me as a thank you for being good while she was in hospital for a few days.  It's the 150th anniversary of its publication this year so it would seem fitting to start at least one of these charts, no?

I will have to see what comes out of the WIP pile tonight!

Until next time

Friday, 20 March 2015

Happy Spring Exchange!

I'm here to show you the goodies I received from Mii Stitch recently.  We decided to have a private exchange with the theme of Spring.  If you follow Mii then you will know how gorgeous her finishes always are, and this time was no exception!

Mii sent me the most gorgeous project bag, it's simply adorable!

She was a little concerned that it wasn't perfect but I honestly can't see what she means, as I think it is absolutely perfect in every way!
A close up of a tiny dragonfly button stitched on it

The cute charms on the zipper 

A photo of the reverse, such pretty fabric

And that's not all, Mii also made a cute Margaret Sherry stitched pinkeep and even sent an easel to display it on...
I wish I could show you how tiny this is, the attention to detail is simply incredible.

And that wasn't all, I also received a daffodil bag with all these goodies inside!
 Ribbons, fat quarter of gorgeous pink fabric, Easter confetti, Yankee Candle wax tart, a teeny bottle of miniature buttons, Polstitches "Spring" fabric and WDW "Spring" floss, cupcake washi tape and the cutest wobbly Easter Chick ever!

Here's a somewhat blurry photo of the fabric and floss.  I will have to find the perfect design to stitch on this! 

A close up of the fabric, it's so pretty! 

Just look at those tiny buttons!

Thank you Mii for making this a super exchange.  I'm already looking for ideas for our planned Halloween exchange later in the year!

Elder son and I spent some time last weekend choosing fabric and trims for eleven (sshhhh!) stitched pieces that need finishing.  And there are more somewhere else.  I think I have lost my nerve and I just don't know where to start with cutting out the fabric.  I feel really inspired when I look at other blogs so maybe that's the place to start, and just try to copy some ideas I've seen.

I hope you all enjoyed the solar eclipse safely today, whether you were under it or watched on tv.  I got to see it briefly as my little 4 year old friend (thanks Joshua!) loaned me his Nana's special glasses.  It was quite spectacular, even in Northern England.

Until next time

Monday, 16 March 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness March 2015

Hello everyone

A little late with my Gifted Gorgeousness post this month...I was too busy stitching to notice the date!

Anyway, on with the Gifts and Gorgeousness. First up is this one, the chart for which I won in a giveaway on Heather's blog.

I have ordered some autumn leaf buttons to finish this but they haven't arrived yet. You may see this one again next month as I found the perfect fabric to finish it, which was also a gift.

I recently took part in a private exchange with Mii Stitch. The theme was Spring. If you read Mii's blog you will know how fabulous her finishes are so it can be daunting making something for her. But I was pleased with my choices.

 Spring Green scissor keep and needle minder
By Jane Greenoff

Spring Biscornu by Barbara Ana

I won't share with you here the gifts I received from Mii as they need a whole post to themselves! 

Until next time


Thursday, 12 March 2015

Lots of progress...

I've been at home most of the week dealing with poorly children.  Thankfully they are on the mend now but being at home instead of work has meant lots of time for housework and stitching!  I was tempted to show you photographs of what I consider my most major achievements of the week, namely having empty washing and ironing baskets, but I know you're just here for the stitching.  So without further ado, I have three (yes three) finishes for you today!

First up is my second YOTA project of the year.  I can't wait for the YOTA update so here it is...

Clocks by Lanarte
Stitched with supplied evenweave and threads
Started 8th January 2014, finished 9th March 2015

Boy am I glad to see this one finished!  I was going cross-eyed with all the sepia and browns.  I personalised it a bit by changing the times on some of the clocks, to include the time of day we got married and the times both of our sons were born.

I needed some colour next, so for some reason I chose this one...

Autumn House by The Trilogy
Stitched on a random piece of linen
with recommended WDW and GAST threads
Started 11th January 2015, finished 10th March 2015

Autumn House isn't technically finished as it needs some autumn buttons sewing on.  I have some on order and hopefully it will be properly done in time for Gifted Gorgeousness on the 15th, as this was a gift from Heather.

And finally for the finishes, here's the March finish for the Joan Elliott Calendar SAL I am taking part in along with Mii Stitch and others.

Flying High
Stitched on Misty Morn linen from Sparklies
using recommended DMC threads
Started February 2015, finished 11th March 2015

Three finishes in three days!  Today I picked up one of my Crazy January Challenge pieces and worked on it while the boys enjoyed their last afternoon "off sick".

Easter Blessings by Stitchers Anon

I had already stitched the little chick in the basket on the day I started it, but I haven't picked this one up since.  Today I managed to stitch Holmesy the Hare and Fergus the Deer.  Such a cute design!  I have the lettering and the border to do and then it's finished.

My plan for the year was to have one old piece and one of my new starts on the go at the same time, swapping each one when it was finished or when I felt like it.  Unfortunately none of my older pieces are grabbing me at the moment!  So if you are interested, please take a look at my Unfinished Object tab at the top and let me know which project you would like to see up next.  I'll go with the majority!

Thanks for looking.  Until next time,

Saturday, 7 March 2015

YOTA and what else I have been up to

It's the first Saturday of the month and it's time for YOTA (go here to read more).  This is a fun and relaxed SAL to encourage those participating to work on some of our Unfinished Objects.

My focus for YOTA last month was Lanarte's Clocks, and here is where I left off...

Four clocks down and two to go!

I wasn't sure whether to carry on as I was getting fed up with all the browns, beiges and creams but I kept stitching away little by little this month and this is where I am now!

I'm so pleased with my progress.  I stitched the mantel clock at the bottom right, all of the border, and made a good start on the grandfather clock which runs down the left hand side.  I'm hoping a finish is achievable by the next YOTA update on April 4th.

Not much cross stitching has been going on here because I have been busy making a Fantastic Mr Fox mask for World Book Day which as parents throughout the UK (or maybe the world?!) will know, was this Thursday.  I wouldn't normally put a photo of my children on here but in this case I think it's safe to let you see elder son in his "disguise"...

It was hats or masks only this year.  I decided to make a mask from felt using this pattern from OxEyeDaisey on etsy.  I was really pleased with it, the instructions were easy to follow and I think my mask looks similar to the project picture, at least from a distance.  It's not perfect but elder son loved it and it was comfortable to wear which is a priority for a 6-year old!

Younger son went as Harry Potter so no photos there.  He wore a pair of round glasses and I drew a lightning scar on his forehead with red gel pen.  Simple but effective.

Now my embroidery adventures are over I'm hoping to get back to my first love, cross stitch, so hopefully I will have some real progress to show you soon!

Until next time