Sunday, 11 January 2015

Debbie's Crazy January Challenge - Days 9, 10 and 11

Here are my latest three starts for Debbie's Crazy January Challenge..

Day 9: Let's Do Coffee by Imaginatings:

Here's my progress for one afternoon.  I'm pretty pleased with it though I changed the floss colour as the recommended colour (DMC 814) looked very red to me.

This piece is one that I first saw on Debbie's blog so it seemed fitting to include it in the challenge in her memory.  You can see her finish and read about it here.  This post includes a lovely photo of Debbie stitching surrounded by animals!

Day 10: Garden Pleasures by Little House Needleworks:

Here's where I finished for now:

Not much done on this one as I was too busy finishing my first YOTA, Cut Thru North Pole House.

Day 11: Autumn House by The Trilogy:

Here's where I got up to:

I will tell you a little more about these last two on the 15th January for the first Gifted Gorgeousness post!

Four more new starts to go!

Until next time



  1. AWESOME!!!!
    Wow just brilliant!
    Go You!!
    Smiles :)

  2. Love the coffee design and I remember Debbie stitching it fondly. I've wanted to stitch this chart too for awhile but I have too many projects on the go. When I do, I'll be thinking of her. Love all of your challenge starts so far Justine!! Way to go girl!

  3. Beautiful starts. I love that picture of Debbie and her lap dog haha. Great update!

  4. Love your new starts Justine. I have that much done on Coffee.


  5. Lovely starts!! I have seen this one on Debbie's blog.

  6. I too remember Debbie stitching the coffee one for her friend. You made a great start Justine.

  7. Great little crosses Justine! I think I recognize one lovely chart :) xx

  8. Great new starts and progress on all three.

  9. More nice starts! You much check out Frosted Pumpkin patterns! They are so cute and super fun to stitch!

  10. Great starts and a sweet tribute to Debbie. Have a great day. A friend just came over from UK and brought me Bisto Onion Gravy mix it is a must have in my house for Sheppard's Pie. We can get Bisto here, but not the onion version.

    I would love to go back to the UK. Maybe one day.

  11. I love all of your starts too but Coffee is so sweet, especially the coffee bean handle! It was another good chart to choose with special meaning for the Challenge. :)

  12. Lovely new starts! I've stitched Garden Pleasures 3 times, it's a lovely pattern :)

  13. if only your coffee cup said I love hot chocolate. Not much of a coffee fan

  14. What a nice tribute to Debbie. Maybe I ♥ Tea or I ♥ Cocoa or I ♥ Vanilla Coke for me though...... I too am not a coffee drinker, much too bitter! More for the rest of you crazy people. :D