Tuesday, 9 December 2014

An old friend and MMMM winner!

I had a little break from blogging last week, both writing mine and reading those blogs I follow.  It feels as if I have been away a long time.  In reality, it was a busy week at work and we went away at the weekend with my parents, so there was lots going on in the "real" world.  Not much stitching got done, though Mum and I had a craft evening on Friday night while my Dad and hubby went out together for a beer, and I managed to put a few stitches into this...

Snow Love by Country Cottage Needleworks

I hope to have it finished this weekend.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been working on this old favourite...

Bothy Threads Cut Thru North Pole House

I love this piece and can almost smell the finish!  I have the backstitch to do on the ground floor of the house, and then the sea underneath, and I'll be there.  I don't think it will be finished by Christmas but certainly by Christmas 2015.

Some of you will remember I hosted Mega Mini Month Madness in November and I promised a 25 Euro or equivalent voucher to one stitcher who managed to post four updates through the month.  I put all the names into a virtual hat and the winner is....Alyssa F of Brownie's Chair!  Alyssa, please would you email me with your email address, the name of a shop I can get online vouchers for, and the currency you would prefer to receive.  Sorry it's taken me so long to post this!

And after saying I was cutting back on SALs etc in 2015 - I have just signed up for a Joan Elliott Calendar SAL over on Mii Stitch.  The designs are so cute and it's "only" one every month....

Until next time, stay warm



  1. Polka dot fabric??? Oh I LOVE it! :0)

  2. Lovely stitching as usual and on such wonderfully different fabric!
    Congratulations to Alyssa for her win. It's a shame to see MMMM go but hopefully someone will return with it next year.
    Good luck for the JEC SAL next year. I shall be watching out for your one-a-month finishes! :)

  3. Yes lots of people are busy this time of year.. are you one of santas helpers?
    Your snowman stitch is going to look adorable on that dotty fabric :)
    Ooooh yes! Its almost finished... love all the colours ... go you!
    staying warm... it was -4 here over night !
    smiles :)

  4. Oh wow Justine. Your North Pole House is almost done. My will probably get done in 5 years. Cute new start. You should take the plunge and do a mini Debbie challenge in January.


  5. Thanks again for hosting MMMM for Nov. I'm a little burnt out on my minis but I finished eight of them! It was fun seeing everyone's progress.

  6. that North Pole House is almost there! I love the linen on the cute snow project! The white dots are just perfect.

  7. Your North Pole stitching is looking great!! :) I am also not joining any SAL this year, I will be posting as and when I make some progress.
    Thanks for hosting MMMM SAL, I enjoyed it :)

  8. I love the fabric you're using there Justine! I've seen it at a few online stores but always think "Whatever would I stitch on it!" and now......I see :D
    North Pole is looking fantastic!
    I've seen Mii's post on the SAL but decided that with the other things I've got going and want to do next year I'd best not!
    Going to have to watch you guys and drool over your stitching!
    Thanks for hosting the MMMM this month! I'm so pleased that I managed to finish another one of OLDDDDDD wips :)

  9. Love love love that spotty fabric, what a perfect snowy background, nice stitching!

  10. Fabulous progress on North Pole, very well done to you because these designs have so much details, I wouldn't have the patience to stitch them :D
    Love the new start and your choice of dot fabric is just fab!! I've seen some on another French blog I'm following and the end result always look FANTASTIC!! So looking forward to admire your finish :)
    Sorry for being a bad influence with the SAL... Let's just say it will be the only exception as they are small designs :P xoxox

  11. Lovely stitching on your projects. Well done on hosting a very successful MMMM this month! Good luck with the JE SAL next year.

  12. Lovely progress on all of your stitching Justine.
    Thanks for hosting MMMM this month and congrats to Alyssa!

  13. Beautiful stitching progress! I love that polka dot fabric you're working on. It's perfect! :D

  14. Your stitching is faboo, and I just adore those Bothy Thread Cut-Thru designs. They are darling, and yours is looking great.

  15. Funny how "real life" interferes so often with our stitching :-) Fantastic progress on both pieces. Congrats to Alyssa! Thanks for hosting the MMMM, Justine :-) That's a great SAL you're going to do. I'll have to look for a copy of the magazine.

  16. Sounds like a fun time and love the stitching.

  17. Love the dots. Great progress on Santa's house. It will be done before you know it. I've signed up for one SAL and have promised myself that one is enough as it is a large project for www.stitchystart.blogspot.com

  18. Great progress. I think it's just that time of the year lol.

  19. Beautiful stitching. Love your Cut Thru. I need to get back to my Pirate Ship. I wish I could work on at least 15 things at the same exact time. I need more hands!!

  20. Lovely stitching....lol -I, too have vowed to cut back on exchanges, but I love them so much....I'll see how strong my resolve is -ha!

  21. Yay, congrats to Alyssa! :D

    I'll jump on the bandwagon loving the "pokey dotted" fabric you're stitching on~ So perfect for a wintery pattern. And go go goooo you'll get the Bothy done in no time.

    I too signed up for a couple of SAL for 2015, Jo's gifted one (since all I ever seem to stitch lately are gifty things yikes), and Alyssa's flower freebies since I've always liked those patterns anyway. I've doomed myself. :D