Sunday, 30 November 2014

MMMM post 4

Well today is the last day of Mega Mini Month Madness.  This fun SAL was hosted by Pull The Other Thread last month, and by me this month!  I haven't had anyone volunteer to host in December but I'm guessing everyone is busy with Christmas stitching so maybe someone will come forward in the New Year? (after all the Crazy Challenges are out of the way of course!)

Well, I do have two more finishes to show you, firstly this one which was my "train stitch" while commuting last week...

DMC "Make A Wish" Pirate kit
Stitched on 14 count white aida with DMC threads

and this one which is from the current edition of Cross Stitch Collection magazine...

Prairie Schooler ornament
Stitched on 14 count Zweigart "Dirty" aida
with DMC threads

There are two more PS ornaments in the magazine, I've already started the second and hope to have them all on the tree this year!

Speaking of which... HERE'S OUR TREE!!!!

Me and the boys decorated it this afternoon while hubby was at work, we also put all our nick-nacks out round the house.  You can see the Nativity advent calendar in the background with a door already open expectantly!  The first year we had these calendars, I put sweets behind all the doors when the boys had gone to bed on 30th November...well as you can imagine my 3 and 2 year old sons had the calendars on the floor and were stuffing sweets into their mouths so fast on the first morning of advent!  So now Santa's elves have to visit every night to put a sweet behind one door at a time ready for the next day.

I'm very happy with our tree this year and will be back tomorrow to show you a little handmade goodie I received this week which is already gracing the tree - can you spot it?

I will also be drawing the winner of a €25 voucher (or equivalent) for those who managed to complete four or more posts of Mega Mini Month Madness in November.  Drawing will take place tomorrow to make sure that November is over for everyone, wherever you may happen to be stitching!

Until tomorrow



  1. This pirate is just looking great. And so is the PS Santa. I'm sure you will be able to stitch the two remaining PS ornaments as well for this year's Christmas tree.

  2. Ho ho me hearties! Love the pirate :)
    Oooh you too ... I know those Prairie Schooler designs are brilliant.. I loved stitching them too :)
    YES!! You have your tree up! Its wonderful, I love it... so pretty :)
    Happy stitching
    Smiles :)

  3. The pirate is so cute and the Santa great! Your tree looks beautiful! You're way ahead of me.

  4. That pirate is adorable, I love it!

  5. Wow, I love that pirate kit! :D

    Holy cow, it's tree time already... I wonder if I'll get a real one this year, or just drag my ornament tree out of the craft room and call it done. Ah, laziness! :p

  6. o my, would it help that my husband would do the same thing your boys did with the advent calendar LOL! Well I can't entirely blame him; I'd probably do it too ahaha. But Hooray! for the Christmas tree! I love your star tree topper, that's so awesome. Love the Santa stitching too; he's so jolly-looking. :D

  7. Congratulations on the finishes :-) They're so cute. You have a beautiful tree. I'd probably do the same with the advent calendar and have to refill it constantly! Thanks again for hosting the SAL.

  8. Cute finishes!! Love the pirate one:) your Christmas tree is looking beautiful with all the decorations:) Thank you for hosting the SAL!! I enjoyed stitching my minis.

  9. LOL... I love that story about the advent calendar! So cute. Congrats on the finishes! They look great :D

  10. Congratulations on your finishes and on hosting a successful MMMM. I understand about the advent calendar. Let's just hope the elves don't forget to visit each night... :)

  11. Love the pirate, he's adorable.
    Nice tree, hope the boys are good and the elves visit each and every day!

  12. Love the pirate!!! Your tree looks lovely... can't wait to do ours :)

  13. You were a great host! I just LOVE the pirate piece! Too cute!! We have a lot of pirate stuff in our household. Love your tree. I LOLed about your advent calendar. Smart kids haha.

  14. That pirate is so cute.
    Your tree is very lovely!

  15. 2 gorgeous finishes and a very pretty tree. We have to do the same with our Advent calendars too and mine are 13 and 15! I think though that they would probably just be peeking to see what was in there now rather than actually eating them all!