Friday, 3 October 2014

Mega Mini Month Madness Post 1

Hi everyone

It's nice to be back!  My laptop has been on a little holiday recuperating after a virus at the computer spa.  Thankfully it's all good now and I can finally blog again!

As if I needed another SAL, I've signed up for Mega Mini Monthly Madness which is being organised by Pull The Other Thread.  Throughout October we have to stitch minis and post our progress once a week, and there is a prize at the end for one lucky blogger.

This is actually a good SAL for me because of this....

These are all free kits that came with magazines over the years, and I feel really guilty every time I stuff another kit into it!  So my own personal challenge is to stitch on as many of these as I can, and be realistic about which ones I will ever stitch and which I should get rid of.  I'm hoping the bag will be gone by the end of the month, one way or another!

To get me in the mini mood, and to practise for the Christmas Biscornu Exchange being organised by Mii Stitch, I've stitched two biscornu recently.  I love making these as they are quite quick and simple to do but look stunning.

Here was my first attempt...

Halloween Biscornu
by Tiny Modernist
Stitched on 14 count white aida
with DMC threads and JABCO button

And my second...

Biscornu #635
The Floss Box
Stitched on 14 count ecru aida
with DMC threads
Button by Nathy Creations

Here's my next mini start, it's a Margaret Sherry Christmas mouse which was a free kit recently in World of Cross Stitching magazine.

In other news, I have successfully exchanged and received in Kim's first Halloween Ornament Exchange, but I am saving my post for a Linky Party that Kim is organising on October 18th.  I will just say here that I was thrilled with the ornament I received, and the lovely goodies my swap partner included, and that my gifts have been well received too.  Hopefully the postal system hasn't let anyone down and it's been a successful exchange for everyone!

I'll be back tomorrow with YOTA!

Until then



  1. Great little Biscornu's they are so sweet. Love your Margaret Sherry mini. Looking forward to seeing how many of those kits you can finish :) See you tomorrow for YOTA.

  2. I love your halloween biscornu

  3. Your biscornus are wonderful! Love the little mouse you've started on too....I just finished stitching these designs, they're a pleasure to do.

  4. Your biscornus are both lovely!!!
    Love the MS mice too, I will be stitching mine later on :)
    Have fun with the challenge.
    Looking forward to seeing your Halloween goodies

  5. Aren't biscornu's just great to stitch?? Love the halloween one :) MS ornie is going to look so cute when you're done! That bag of kits look familiar :D

  6. That is quite the collection of free kits! Haha. Your biscornus are adorable :)

  7. Love your biscornus they are really wonderful... never tried them... will get round to it soon!
    Please your lap top has had a lovely break... and it back with you again :)
    Wonderful SAL you joined... I did not know about this one... enjoy and I look forward to seeing what you stitch :)
    smiles :)

  8. Those biscornus are beautiful!

  9. Hello Justine the biscornus are absolutely lovely well done. Now that is a lot of cover kits to tackle! All mine were sent over to Africa for the sewing project x

  10. Oh that's brilliant -- what a perfect way to attack stash and the Mega Mini at once. Congrats on the finishes!

  11. Good luck with your challenge!

  12. Sweet stitching and lovely biscornu xx

  13. Love the halloween one, good luck with the free mini's, I have a few myself that I've put away.

  14. That's a great idea for a SAL, I'm sure you'll manage to stitch lots of smalls this month. I love the autumnal biscornu, so pretty.
    Best wishes.

  15. I think we all have a pile of kits ready to stitch from old magazines. I usually take a few small ones away when we go on holiday as they are quick and I needn't worry about a bit of sand near them. x

  16. Oh I'm glad its not just me that has all the free kits stuffed in a corner LOL

    Some of them I like, and they are handy when you need the thrill of a finish haha.

    Your bisconus look really great!

  17. Lovely finishes !! Your next starts are cute ones:)

  18. Love your biscornus. I've always loved doing them too. Good luck with your bag of kits. Love your mouse one. Can't wait to watch your progress and cheer you on.

  19. Two great biscornus. Looking forward to seeing what you create throughout October.

  20. Good luck working through your stash of freebies; maybe this will be a liberating time for everyone involved in MMMM! :D

    I've never attempted a biscornu because I have zero adorable buttons!! I think they really add a cute touch, like your little pumpkin one!

  21. Wonderful biscornus you've stitched up, lovely.

  22. Great start! Your Halloween Biscornu stitch and finish is awesome. I am SO impressed! The finishing technique is way beyond my skill set!

  23. Good to see you back Justine. Your biscornu finishes are wonderful.

  24. These biscornus are looking so beautiful and they must have been a lot of fun to stitch. Good luck with all the minis from the magazines.