Monday, 1 September 2014

Tutti Frutti Exchange!

It's the big reveal today for the Tutti Frutti exchange hosted by Mii Stitch.  I was lucky enough to have Mii herself send gifts to me.  I have long admired her finishes and I have to tell you they look just as perfect in real life as they do on her blog.

The theme was fruits, and I had told her my favourite fruits are strawberries.  Here are the gifts I received...

 all wrapped up, the parcels looked and smelled delicious!

 fruity tea towels, lip gloss, apple tin, strawberry shopping bag, fruit notebook and the most gorgeous-smelling cherry vanilla candle

 some fruity sweets...the chocolate just made it into the photo

 another lovely notebook, this one shaped like a strawberry

 two gorgeous LHN charts, some bright pink Permin aida, strawberry and spotty green fabric, threads, ribbon and buttons

I managed to guess which were the two stitched items and saved them for last as I was opening.  I actually gasped out loud as I opened the next one...

I have never seen a biscornu made up before and this has inspired me.  If I could finish things half as well as this, I would be so happy.  It is absolutely perfect.

But there's more...

Look at this gorgeous pinkeep!  Again the finishing is absolutely perfect.  It's finished off with strawberry pins on top and bright green pins on the corners with red ribbon round the edges.  Here's the back, where the fruity theme continues...

Thank you Mii, I was almost in tears when I had finished opening your lovely gifts, and that is not like me at all!  I have plans to try a biscornu of my own with the Permin aida and threads, I have a pattern that I think will work really well on the bright pink fabric.

I will post pictures of the gifts I sent to my exchange partner once I'm sure she has received them.

This was only the second exchange I have ever taken part in and I must say I have been truly spoiled both times.  I've just signed up for Kim's Halloween exchange so will look forward to choosing something to stitch for that now I know who my exchange partner is!

Thank you again to Mii for organising such a fun exchange!

Until next time



  1. What a lovely gift so full of wonderful strawberries!

  2. Love the strawberry biscornu Mii made you WOW! Beautiful pinkeep too!
    Very lovely gifts from a lovely stitching friend. love Annette

  3. Beautiful exchange , and what beautiful gifts and fab stitching from Mii .
    What a happy post have a lovely day.

  4. Wow what beautiful gifts you recieved from Mii. x

  5. A post full of lovely things, what a wonderful tutti frutti exchange.

  6. wow!!! goodness your gifts for this swap are wonderful indeed :) A really lovely tutti fruitti exchange!
    smiles :)

  7. Aww bless you, I'm so happy you like everything!!
    Have fun with the biscornu, I promise you it is quite easy to put together. Look for tutorials on the web, some are really handy...
    Big big hugs to you sweetie xxx

  8. Gorgeous exchange gifts Justine. I am finish challenged and would never do an exchange. Looking forward to seeing what you sent.


  9. Great exchange! Congrats. Enjoy your goodies.

  10. A fabulous exchange - Mii was very generous indeed. The strawberry biscornu is so sweet. :0)

  11. Lovely gifts, very pretty (:

  12. Great parcel to get in the mail:)

  13. What a fantastic parcel from Mii!! Strawberries do smell delicious :) That pinkeep and the biscornu are just so pretty! Enjoy the sweet treats too :)

  14. WOW! What a great package!
    Those marshmellow strawberries are a weakness of mine LOL

  15. Oh my Justine you were blessed what a wonderful exchange to receive xx

  16. ho là là quel merveilleux échange
    douce soirée

  17. What a wonderful array of gifts, my favourite is the gorgeous pinkeep.

  18. A lovely exchange :) I love the Biscornu and pinkeep finishes too! Enjoy.

  19. I love how exchanges spread the love and make people smile. Enjoy all your lovely goodies from Mii, can't wait to see what you sent out.
    Best wishes.

  20. Gorgeous items, Justine, the two stitched items are just so lovely! It was a great swap, wasn't it?