Sunday, 7 September 2014

More Tutti Frutti, YOTA, Halloween SAL and a giveaway winner!

Lots of news to tell you in this post so let's get straight to business!

Firstly, I have been informed that my Tutti Frutti gifts arrived on time, and that my swap partner Joelle liked everything I sent.  Here are a couple of photos of my stitched goodies, unfortunately I didn't take any photos once they were made up!

This one is the first thing I have ever stitched "over one" on linen - only on 32 count mind you!

And here are the other gifts I included..
LHN charts, fruity threads and fabric, scented candle, lip balm and a cute watermelon tin full of chocolates

This exchange was organised by Mii Stitch and it was so much fun!  I loved finding fruit-themed goodies when I was out and about.  I've signed up for two more exchanges I enjoyed this one so much!

Next comes YOTA.  This is hosted by Pull The Other Thread - follow the link to read all about it.  I have always wanted to join this SAL so thought this was the month.  My chosen piece is Bothy Threads Cut Thru North Pole House, which I haven't been working on much recently and would love to display some day in our home.

Here's my before pic..

And here's the after pic...
Sorry for the rubbish photo, it's getting dark early now in the evenings isn't it?  I have only stitched a little bit on the sign on the left of the picture.  It's like a spot the difference puzzle isn't it?

Thanks to Pull the other Thread for letting me join YOTA.  I am hoping to make some serious progress on this one this month!

Now onto the Halloween SAL which has been designed and is organised by Gaynor of Stitchers Anon.  I have finally caught up with weeks 1-4 after a disastrous time - starting with not reading the instructions properly and starting stitching landscape instead of portrait and having to frog most of week 1!  Here's my progress so far...
Stitched 3 over 2 on 28 count Jobelan "Stormy Skies" by Polstitches
Using DMC 310 throughout

I'm really pleased with how this is turning out.  Part 5 is out tomorrow and I can't wait!  I usually don't keep up with SALs (CCN's Frosty Forest anyone?) but am happy that this is up to date and I can stitch along with others.

If you've read this far, well done!  Of course, what you were really looking for is the winner of my little blogaversary giveaway.  I put numbers 1-26 (number of comments I received) into the random number generator thingy and number 23 was the winner, which is.... (drum roll please)


Sally, I know I should have your address but would you email it to me again?  I am just waiting for something to arrive in the post for you, but hopefully I should be able to post your little gifts by the end of the week.

Thank you to everyone who entered, and to all of you who read and comment on my blog.  I wish I could send you all a little something!  Maybe I will get round to you all one day.

Until next time



  1. Welcome to YOTA love your project and I look forward to seeing your posts on it. I still haven't posted mine yet. Love c the Halloween SAL and the fabby you chose is wonderful. Also love the exchange pieces you made up.

  2. Beautiful Halloween sal and pretty exchange gifts,,
    Congrats to dear Sally
    Big hugs x

  3. Love your stitched pieces Justine. You're so far ahead of me on NPH. The rate I'm going its going to take me 10 years to do.


  4. What a lovely Tutti Frutti exchange you sent!

  5. Your gifts are lovely !! Good luck with your SALs. They are going great.

  6. Beautiful stitched pieces in your exchange Justine! Really is "tutti fruity" :)
    Looking forward to seeing that Halloween piece grow! You definitely have been busy!

  7. Super gifts you sent in the tutti frutti exchange.
    Love the cut thro, they are always so fun to watch as they grow.

  8. I love the gifts you sent for the Tutti Frutti Swap. Glad it all went well!
    Love the Halloween SAL, it looks great already. Looking forward to see it grow xoxox

  9. Beautiful pieces for the swap. Glad it went well. I got burned so many times on exchanges I never join them any more.

    Love all your stitching!! Keep it up!!

  10. Congrats to Sally. Lovely gifts, your sewing never disappoints. You need a medal for sewing over one on linen!

  11. Lovely stitching Justine. Congratulations to Sally. Hope you are having a nice week xx

  12. Hello Justine

    The goodies you sent are all lovely.
    Great work on your wips too (:

  13. Congrats Sally. Wow, gorgeous stitching all around. I am behind but will work hard to catch up. I love the fabric you've chosen xx

  14. Wonderful stitching and congratulations to Sally!

  15. Love the fruit you stitched for the exchange. Great progress on Castle!
    Lovely stitching. Congrats to Sally. love Annette

  16. What a wonderful exchange package you sent. Brilliant progress on your Cut Thru.

    Thank you for letting me know I'd won your giveaway. I haven't checked any blogs recently so it was a wonderful surprise. I am so excited! Thank you so much :)

  17. I love your fruity stitching and your Halloween SAL is looking good - I have fallen behind but will try to catch up this weekend.. Congrats to Sally.

  18. Oh my, Justine, what a wonderful exchnage this Tutti Frutti has been for you. And for all others too, I'm sure. I love the stitched pieces and goodies that you received and sent.
    Great progress on your two SALs.

  19. What beautiful stitching....and lovely exchange pieces. Gorgeous fabric on your Halloween stitching!

  20. Exchanges are a lot of fun to participate in. So far I've only done one but I'm up for more! Great designs you chose for the exchange! Love the Cut Thru and yes, I was trying to spot the difference :D Every little stitch is progress! Happy Blogoversary too and congrats to Sally!!

  21. Great stitching Justine, I love the Cut Thru' designs you're working on at the moment, they're so colourful :)
    Best wishes.

  22. Hi! I just found out about your blog and it is so great! May I ask the designer of the design on the very top of this post? The color combination is so wonderful that I really hope I could stitch it myself!

    1. Hi Youngmin, you're a no comment reply blogger so I hope you see this. I'm afraid the design was from an old cross stitch magazine and I think I may have thrown it out after stitching this.

    2. Thank you for your prompt response! That's too bad... It was love at first sight! Your works are impressive anyways!