Thursday, 24 July 2014

Stitch From Stash July update and another finish!

Hi everyone

It's that time again when we 'fess up to how much we have spent this month on stash.

My total for this month is a restrained £8.85 on two charts, Miss Peepers by LHN, and May's Lily of the Valley by Cottage Garden Samplings.

Miss Peepers - isn't she lovely?

May's Lily of the Valley - not sure about the snails!

I had a great idea (if I do say so myself!) to stop me buying more stash.  See, my main problem is when I am out and about but not able to do any stitching, I start surfing the net on my smartphone.  First I check out Blogger to see if there are any new posts on the blogs I follow, and once I've read those I start browsing stitching stores.  So, my idea is that I have set up a "stash" page here on my blog, and rather than browse stores and find more things I want to stitch, I am going to browse my own stash and decide what I'm going to stitch on next!

I have had another little finish...

Little Ballerinas by Country Cottage Needlecrafts
Stitched on 28 count evenweave with DMC and GAST threads
Started November 2013, finished 24th July 2014

This is going to be a 7th birthday present for our niece Fabienne who has ballet lessons.  I haven't decided yet whether to make it into a door hanging, or to put it on a bag for her ballet things.

Well, my stitching is calling...what should I work on'll have to wait and see!  It will be something bright and colourful as that's the mood I'm in at the moment.

Hope you're not all melting in this very hot weather in the UK!



  1. Lovely additions to your stash.. I have my eye on Miss Peepers too! Love all the colors in it.
    Oooh your ballerina stitch is adorable... your niece will love it for sure :)
    Cant wait to see what your going to be working on next week..
    Yes melting here in Southern England!
    Smiles :)

  2. Only 21 or so projects in your stash?? Good for you! I need to take pictures of mine, too. I did that last year for the ones I wanted to stitch and it really kept me motivated. :) Great idea!


  3. Miss Peepers is very cute. I am enjoying stitching the Cottage Garden Samplings series.

  4. Congrats on the cute finish Justine. Like your new stash.


  5. Love miss peepers , beautiful stitching.
    Very hot here even for stitching , enjoy your week hugs.

  6. Oooh yes, Miss Peepers is "Wanted" too in my little corner :) I'm hoping to get her tomorrow :D Love your latest finish, your niece is going to love it, it's so sweet!
    It's quite warm & sunny here in Shropshire... too hot to my liking really :P
    Have a lovely weekend xx

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  8. Such a sweet finish..
    And yummy new stash too..
    Happy stitching xxx

  9. Oh great going Justine! I like your stash busting idea.....I may have to adopt it myself! Online shopping is my one vice!!

  10. I love Miss Peepers! I love the idea of a stash tab, it's useful for you and it's nice for us to have a look and see what you have!

  11. Lovely finish Justine. Enjoy your new stash :).

    What a great idea to have a stash page!

  12. Love your ballerinas and your choice of charts for addition to your stash! =)

  13. Well done on sticking to your budget. Love the new charts. Great finish I love it!!

  14. Wonderful gift for a little ballet dancer.

  15. What a good idea to surf your own stash. I agree that is is so easy to go online and just buy something. I was on Facebook this morning and saw a fabric sale and before you know it had ordered a pile of lovely fabric all in a matter of clicks. x

  16. Miss Peepers! How cute is that?!
    I also love the precious ballerinas! Your niece will love it, I'm sure!

  17. I love your idea for a stash page, I'm missing going stash diving! Lovely design for your niece, looking forward to seeing how you finish it up :)
    Best wishes.

  18. Two lovely new charts. And well done on your challenge for not buying more.
    Have fun surfing your own stash.
    What a lovely gift your made for your niece. She will be so delighted.

  19. Miss Peepers is adorable! Oh yes... the snails are too!!

    Adorable finish.

  20. Love the new purchases! Very cute designs. A lovely finish too. I love the idea of a stash page too. Perhaps I should try that too!