Thursday, 31 July 2014

Progress pictures

Hello dear readers

This might be a picture heavy post, but as they are my favourites when I read other blogs, I hope that's OK with you.  Before I show you what I've been up to, here is a picture of some lovely happy post I received last week from Jacquie...

and here's a back view of the gorgeous pincushion...

Lovely paisley fabric.  Jacquie has sent these lovely pincushions out to stitchers all over the world.  If you read her blog then you will know that "Smile" is a very appropriate message from Jacquie, if not then please please pop over and have a look at her lovely happy blog, you won't be disappointed!

I am desperately trying to reduce my WIP list to ten but am desperate for a new start.  Here are some progress photos...

Bothy Threads Cut Thru North Pole House

The Boys are Back in Town by JABCO

Treasure Hunt Bookshelf by Aimee Stewart (HAED)

I've also been working on a secret exchange piece for the Tutti Frutti Exchange organised by Mii Stitch.  I've almost finished the cross stitching and now have to decide how to finish finish!  The person I am stitching for has the most beautiful blog here which I am just in awe of!  So it has to be a good finish.

We spent the day today with younger son's best friend and his mother.  She is from Thailand and she made the most delicious Thai prawn noodles for lunch, and gave me some to bring home for dinner too!  Her home is an interesting mix of styles, both Thai and English, and she is a Buddhist so has lots of Buddhas around.  It was lovely to spend the day with them.  I showed her a bit of cross stitch that I always carry round in my bag and she was really interested - I might just have found a future stitcher!  She also told me that she learned Thai dancing when she was at school and was in lots of shows, so of course now I am itching to start this picture of a traditional Thai dancer from my stash, which I planned to make for her!

Hope you are all well and enjoy some stitching time this weekend!

Until next time



  1. Awe your very sweet.. pleased you received one of my smiles :)
    Your WIP list is fine... a healthy amount to stitch and enjoy :) All your WIP's are looking awesome.
    Happy stitching..
    Smiles :)

  2. Great progress. The dancer is a very nice pattern:)

  3. Your WIPs look great, especially the HAED. I, too, like blogs that are picture-heavy! The Thai dancer is going to be a super gift, good choice.

  4. I'd say that you've had a remarkably good month stitchy-wise! Your HAED is looking lovely Justine :) I'm sure one little start would be ok :)
    Oh....that dancer is going to make an amazingly lovely gift!

  5. Beautiful progress on your WIP's I too am trying to resist the lure of a new start. What a lovely gift you got! That would be such a beautiful chart to stitch, so personal and thoughtful.

  6. Fantastic progress! Love seeing that HAED grow. Oh that sounds like a perfect piece to do for her.

  7. What a cute little pincushion. Lovely progress on your projects. Why don't you follow my example and just have a new start anyway? I have had two this week...hehehehe :)

  8. Very nice progress on your WIP's. Can't wait to see more of the Halloween piece! =)

  9. Beautiful progress on everything :)

  10. Thank you for your kind comment about my blog header, she was a gift from a stitching friend.
    I too received one of Jacquies smiles so know how lovely they are.
    Nice stitchy projects.

  11. I agree with everyone else ... beautiful progress!

  12. Wonderful progress on all the pieces Justine. Looking forward to seeing your new start.


  13. Lovely wips sweetie!!! Great progress :)
    I was lucky too to receive a little smile from Jacquie :)
    Still working on your Tutti Frutti goodies... never ending this project...

  14. They all look great but I'm really looking forward to seeing the progress on bookshelf!

  15. Very nice progress on your WIPs. And I'm sure you will enjoy stitching the Thai dancer once it's started.
    Enjoy your smile from Jacqui.

  16. I love your link to Jacqui with the word smile: very apt! Lovely progress and great projects..and wow, love Thai food!

  17. What a lovely blog you have. Your HAED is gorgeous - I have had the chart for one for some time but haven't started it. I read your post about Needle Needs - I bought a frame and stand last year and love them, hope you are enjoying yours too.

  18. Your WIPs look great.

    I just love Pinn Stitch designs. I have one that is a WIP (Does it count as a WIP if I haven't worked on it in a year? lol)

    Cute giftie. It gave me an idea for a group exchange. :)

  19. Hello!

    Just found your blog through Jacquie.
    Lovely wips and a lovely idea to stitch the Thai dancer for your sons's mum.
    Happy weekend.

  20. Pretty gift from Jacquie! Beautiful stitching progress. The Thai dancer is lovely. love Annette