Monday, 23 June 2014

To buy or not to buy?


For quite a while now I have been on a waiting list for a Millennium Frame and Necessaire Floor Stand from Needle Needs.

I've been notified that it will be available soon but now it's almost ready I don't know whether to buy or not? See, I usually stitch in hand but I have now started stitching HAEDs and know I will soon be struggling to reach the part I'm stitching on. Plus I can't use the parking method when stitching in hand.

Has anyone any experiences, good or bad, with this frame or frames in general?

I'm having some problems with the blogger reading list so am unable to read blogs at the moment. Very frustrating. Apparently it's a known problem and Google are trying to fix it. Hope to be back with you all soon.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Stitch from Stash June 2014

Hello everyone

Another expensive month this month!  Luckily, Mel has given us an extra £50 to spend this month, once the usual £25 allowance has been used up.  Otherwise I would have been way over budget again this month!

So, this is what I bought....

Thai Dancer by Pinn - younger son's best friend at school's mum is from Thailand and I wanted to stitch this for her...she is such a lovely lady.

April's Daisy from Cottage Garden Samplings (I am buying these from another stitcher as she finishes them) I love each one more than the last! So far I have stitched January's Snowdrop and February's Primrose.

The Snowflower Diaries' Angela - I took advantage of the free postage offer last weekend and ordered the printed copy.  It's beautiful and would be well worth the extra cost over the pdf version.

Then I was RAK'd this beautiful chart by Pull The Other Thread...and so of course I had to order the fabric and thread pack to go with it!

Wow, I'm all shopped out!

I am actually feeling a bit overwhelmed with all my WIPs and stash at the moment so I am hoping to go on a serious stash diet and cut my WIPs down to a more manageable 10.  There are so many things I want to stitch and finish!!

So I've been working on this with a view to getting some of my Crazy January Challenge pieces finished.  I still have 9 to go out of 15.

Here's how it will look when finished.

It's a DMC kit and yes Jo it's on 14 count aida!

I have also finished my gorjuss exchange piece but you will have to wait until July 1st to see it! This exchange was organised by Mii Stitch and I will be sending my goodies to her so do check out her blog on July 1st.

I had a fantastic surprise last night...I went to see Elton John! He was playing at a local rugby ground. My father in law generously let me have his ticket as he wasn't feeling up to it. He was amazing...playing for 2 and a half hours with hardly a break. See if you can spot him in this photo!

We were quite a way back. The music was brilliant anyway.

Until next time


Friday, 13 June 2014

A big thank you and a little giveaway

Stitchers are the kindest people, don't you think?  I have just received this beautiful chart as a RAK from Pull The Other Thread.

Such a lovely surprise!  After a rotten week at work this really made me smile.  And it will be a perfect match for the Treasure Hunt Bookshelf, my first HAED which I recently started.  Now how to resist ordering the threads and having two HAEDs on the go at once!

Thank you so much for your generous gift, you have made my day and I will think of you with every stitch I put into it (all 298,750 of them!)

I see that I have reached 100 followers!  I never thought when I started my blog last September that I would be made so welcome and feel such a part of a community of people who have never met.  It's lovely to be able to share projects with you all and especially to share your progress on your own projects.

I would like to have a little giveaway to celebrate.  This is just for current followers so no need to put anything on your blog - I'm quite happy with 100!  Please leave a comment below and tell me if you are the lucky winner, which chart you would like as a prize.  I will draw a winner at the end of the month.  I can't wait to see what you all choose!

EDITED: It doesn't have to be a HAED chart - I'm happy to send any chart!

That's it for now, hope you all have a lovely stitching weekend!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

I'm back but with not much stitching to show for the last two weeks...

Hello dear readers

As the title says, not much of a stitching update this time.  We have been on holiday for two weeks to Ibiza.  A beautiful island that both hubby and I have visited before but never together as a family.  It's been a relaxing time with lots of splashing and swimming, good food and drink, dancing and fun, and no smartphones, iPads etc!  I'm still catching up on blog reading to see what I've missed.

I took one of my Crazy January Challenge pieces to stitch on in the evenings but truly was too busy to put many stitches in it.  The boys (aged 6 and 4 now) stayed up late with us playing with friends they made on holiday so there wasn't the opportunity this holiday.  I'm ready to get back to it now though.

Here's my progress to date:



And here's how it will look when finished:

I see I have gained a few new followers while I've been away.  Welcome and hope you enjoy my blog.  There is usually a bit more going on here than there has been recently and I hope to have a finish or two to share with you soon.

Until next time