Saturday, 17 May 2014

Travelling pattern is ready to go!

Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying some sunshine wherever you are.  Here in the North-West of UK it's scorchio!

I finished the Travelling Pattern last night and I'm really pleased with it.  What do you think?

Love is Best by Lizzie*Kate
Stitched on 28 count evenweave "Misty Morn" by Sparklies
Using mixture of GAST, Crescent Colours, WDW and DMC threads

This pattern has been travelling since 2011.  If you're interested, you can track its progress back through the following links (thanks to Jo for getting me started!) (couldn't find the post but it's in her gallery)

And that was about as far as I got.  There are at least 3 other stitchers who have had it.  It was started on its travels by Cucki back in October 2011!

Here are the rules if you would like to be the next stitcher to stitch the travelling pattern:

1. You must have a blog. 
2. Comment on this post only, saying you would like the chance to stitch it.
3. You must have an active blog to participate; if you have a blog but never post on it you won't be chosen to be the next stitcher.
4.The stitcher who receives the Travelling Pattern must stitch it within an acceptable time frame, finish it & share the finished piece on their blog. Stitch with your choice of fabric & threads; finish it how you wish.
4.Then the stitcher must offer up the Travelling Pattern for another stitcher to use and it will be off on its travel again. You only send the pattern, no 'extras' are required.

I will draw the lucky stitcher on Tuesday evening and will post out Wednesday.

In other news, I have done a little bit of this...

Lanarte "Clocks"

But I've mostly been stitching on this...

Treasure Hunt Bookshelf by Aimee Stewart for HAED

I reckon I must have put in over 3,000 stitches in it already, so I am over 1% of the way in.  Woohoo! Definitely on for a finish in the next decade or two.

And in the interests of full disclosure, here is the whole piece of fabric...

Hope you all have a lovely weekend - don't forget to leave a comment below if you would like to be the next to stitch the travelling pattern!  I will post anywhere in the world.

Until next time



  1. OMG!!! Your Travelling stitch is WONDERFUL!! I love your color choice... and Ooooh I would love to stitch the travelling chart please :) And then yes of course I will pass it on :) What an opportunity :)
    GOSH!!! Your stitching is really lovely.. the colors in the Treasure Hunt Bookcase are lovely.. I cannot wait to see it grow. And your clocks.... this looks interesting too.
    Smiles and fingers crossed :)

  2. Had to comment but don't add me into the draw please. I just wanted to say i love your version of the travelling cross stitch. Beautiful. Love th clocks & the colours in The treasure Hunt bookcase are gorgeous, Hugs,xx

  3. Congrats on the cute finish Justine. The colors are perfect. I would love a chance to stitch it. Your HAED looks great.


  4. Very much like your finish of the L*K traveling pattern. Last spring & summer was every warm in the UK. I wonder if that is what you are gearing again.

  5. Misty Morn is a great fabric colour for the travelling pattern. I love the result.
    Great progress on your HAED.

  6. Lovely stitching , you have been busy , have a good Sunday.

  7. Lovely stitching!! I am interested in the travelling pattern but I am waiting for another one to receive from France.
    Your HAED looks very colorful . I have never tried such enormous charts.

  8. I have been waiting for ages to participate in another traveling pattern. I would love to stitch this one. Please count me in.


  9. Aww sweety
    I love it so much x

  10. Your HAED is looking really WOW Justine! Love your colour choice for the travelling pattern :) Would love to have it come back to SA so add me in for a chance please!

  11. Love your take on the TP!! Great choice of colours :) Don't include me in the draw as I have too much to stitch at the moment :P Love your progress on the HAED design too, well done!!

  12. Wow! Your HAED progress is so pretty. I like your LK finish too.
    Hope that you have a great week!

  13. Shame we couldn't find a few more blogs!! It went to Threadbear after me (she no longer blogs)

    After that it went to Scotland but she never posted a picture and didn't blog about where it went!

    So inbetween them and Hibiscus it is all a mystery!!

  14. Don't enter me in the drawing just wanted to compliment your progress on the HAED! Beautiful details popping out.

  15. Lovely cross stitching as always. I am back for now, the blog is going again. Have a good week.

  16. Your clocks look so pretty! The HAED design will be amazing. Please don't add my name to the drawing. Your stitching is beautiful!

  17. I doubt that I will ever be stitching an HAED but to satisfy my curiosity can you tell me if you baste/tack the grid into the linen yourself or do you buy fabric like that? In awe....

  18. Wow, thanks for posting the pic of the whole piece of fabric, now I get the scale of your latest project. It's going to be stunning when it's finished :)
    Best wishes.