Sunday, 4 May 2014

A new and terrible obsession

I am obsessed with stitching.  There is nowhere I feel more at peace than sitting down with needle and thread once the boys are safely tucked up in bed.  However, since Tuesday I have been in the grip of a new and terrible obsession, this....

Treasure Hunt Bookshelf by Aimee Stewart
Heaven and Earth Designs
Stitched on 25 count magic count evenweave, 1 over 1 full crosses
Started Tuesday 30th April 2014

One day God willing it will look like this...

and just in case you thought I had stitched loads, here is a less "close-up" picture...

Ha ha!  I do love it.  The crosses are so tiny and neat and the colours blend together when viewed from a distance without my glasses on.  I reckon I have stitched around 1,000 of 282,500 stitches as each of the red squares contains 400 tiny stitches!  I am really going to enjoy every stitch and can't believe I was scared to start a HAED!

I had stitched a bit on Morning Glory earlier in the week before the HAED shouted to me, here's an update, don't expect to see this one or any of my other projects any time soon!

I am still working on a piece for the Gorjuss exchange over at Mii Stitch.  There are three of us taking part.  Part of the exchange is to stitch a Gorjuss girl and finish however you like.  I have almost finished the cross stitch and have decided how to finish.  I am well on target (just in case Ingrid and Heather are reading this!) to finish before our 1st July deadline.

Speaking of finishes, look at this gorgeous finish which I received in the surprise post yesterday!

A beautiful Lucie Heaton mouse pillow complete with a cute gift tag which comes in its very own pocket!

This came from Jacquie of My Journey blog.  Thank you so much Jacquie.  It was such a lovely surprise and your finishing is perfect.

I didn't post a Stitch from Stash update this month as I completely blew the budget ordering from my local LNS.  I will post pictures later.  That means though that I have used my "free" month and will have to stick rigidly to budget now for the rest of the year.  I hope my enthusiasm for my HAED project will keep me busy!  The HAED 50% off sale is calling to me though!

Hope you're all enjoying the long weekend in the UK.

Until next time,



  1. I love your new start Justine. My Disney Heroes is scary enough for me. LOL Lovely gifts from Jacquie. Nice progress on Morning Glory. Just don't forget to stitch on your cut-thru's.


  2. You are brave with the Haed, I tried but admit it's too big for me! :) Glad you are on target with the Gorjuss exchange. I had to order a second kit! Waiting for it to turn up in the post so that I can start it :) I have an idea on a finish but will definitely have to practice :D So you are the lucky recipient of Jacquie's cute mouse cushion!!! It's adorable, enjoy! :) xxx

  3. WooHoo! You started it!! Aren't they fun?? : ) Yours has a lot of bright colors that makes it fun from the get go and you feel like you've accomplished so much when you get a square done, don't you! : ) Enjoy!

  4. Sweet new start deary...looking so lovely ❤️
    Very sweet cute..big hugs x

  5. Wow! Your new HAED is huge! I love the idea of a "less close-up" picture! Keep up all the wonderful stitching!

  6. I have a HAED I need to might have given me the push to do so. I've never used 25 count before though rofl

  7. HAEDs are addicting! I was scared of them too but when you focus on completing a few squares at a time, it makes them much less daunting. They really do turn out awesome. I have one going right now but who knows when it will be done. Love Morning Glory. She looks amazing. :-)

  8. Yay! You started it. They do become a bit of an obession lol:)

  9. Great start on your HAED piece, such pretty colors. What a sweet gift from Jacquie.
    Have a great week my friend!

  10. I'm so glad you're enjoying your HAED Justine, I think it would be tricky to stay with it otherwise! I look forward to watching this project grow :)
    I hope you're having a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.
    Best wishes.

  11. Yay so happy to see you started your HAED and that you are enjoying it. You have made amazing progress so far. Morning Glory looks lovely and what a lovely surprise to receive.

  12. I have Treasure Hunt Bookshelf, and just acquired World Travel Bookshelf. I'm trying to hold of starting until I make some progress on other WIP's, but yours looks so good I might not be able to wait!

  13. I took the plunge and started my Mini treasure hunt bookshelf this week :) it's my first HAED and I was too scared to go for the full size. Haha. I too am addicted.

  14. Oh my have stitched soooo much on it already!! I have a few measly stitches in.....need to get a move on :) It is looking great!

  15. Great start on the HAED, such a pretty RAK pillow from Jacqui.

  16. Hello

    Your stitching is beautiful and what a lovely gift too!
    Happy HAED stitching!

  17. Hi
    I found your blog through Rachel's the ten hour stitcher! I saw Treasure hunt your pic and had to come over and snoop! I'm stitching this one too and it's great to see other peoples wip. I totally understand about being obsessed with it, I find it hard to put it down too. You've made a brilliant start, looking forward to more.
    Happy stitching stunner xo

  18. HAED's are amazing yet take an age to do. I have one on the go when I'm in the mood for teeny tiny stitches. Your start is a great start! Enjoy the journey! Lovely little pillow too!

  19. Wow, you're one brave woman! That HEAD project looks huge-and amazing! Looking forward to see your progress with your latest obsession!

  20. There's nothing I love more too than to sit down and get stitching!!!

  21. Wohoo you started. I finally took the time to catch up on blog reading. Love your work! So glad to hear you're in love with it.