Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Stitch From Stash and TP giveaway!

Hello and hope everyone is enjoying some sunshine wherever you are!

Stitch from Stash is hosted by Mel at Epic Stitching. The idea is that you have a budget of $25 per month and try to stitch from your stash rather than buying new stuff.

I had an epic FAIL in April. I had to order a kit for an exchange piece so I treated myself to two Bothy Threads kits, the Cut Thru Rocket and Kings and Queens which I have wanted for ages. I figured if I was going to blow the budget I might as well spend spend spend!

We are allowed one free month and that's mine.

In May I have spent nothing! I got shopping out of my system in April I think.

Here's a little finish from Cross Stitcher magazine..

This fabric is a great match! I will probably make a little pillow with it.

And I finally finished my deep sea diver..

Sorry the photo quality isn't great.

And well done if you've read this far...the winner of the Lizzie*Kate travelling pattern is..


Please let me have your address and I'll have this in the post for you tomorrow!

Until next time


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Travelling pattern is ready to go!

Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying some sunshine wherever you are.  Here in the North-West of UK it's scorchio!

I finished the Travelling Pattern last night and I'm really pleased with it.  What do you think?

Love is Best by Lizzie*Kate
Stitched on 28 count evenweave "Misty Morn" by Sparklies
Using mixture of GAST, Crescent Colours, WDW and DMC threads

This pattern has been travelling since 2011.  If you're interested, you can track its progress back through the following links (thanks to Jo for getting me started!)




http://myfrozensunshine.blogspot.co.uk/p/cross-stitching.html (couldn't find the post but it's in her gallery)


And that was about as far as I got.  There are at least 3 other stitchers who have had it.  It was started on its travels by Cucki back in October 2011!

Here are the rules if you would like to be the next stitcher to stitch the travelling pattern:

1. You must have a blog. 
2. Comment on this post only, saying you would like the chance to stitch it.
3. You must have an active blog to participate; if you have a blog but never post on it you won't be chosen to be the next stitcher.
4.The stitcher who receives the Travelling Pattern must stitch it within an acceptable time frame, finish it & share the finished piece on their blog. Stitch with your choice of fabric & threads; finish it how you wish.
4.Then the stitcher must offer up the Travelling Pattern for another stitcher to use and it will be off on its travel again. You only send the pattern, no 'extras' are required.

I will draw the lucky stitcher on Tuesday evening and will post out Wednesday.

In other news, I have done a little bit of this...

Lanarte "Clocks"

But I've mostly been stitching on this...

Treasure Hunt Bookshelf by Aimee Stewart for HAED

I reckon I must have put in over 3,000 stitches in it already, so I am over 1% of the way in.  Woohoo! Definitely on for a finish in the next decade or two.

And in the interests of full disclosure, here is the whole piece of fabric...

Hope you all have a lovely weekend - don't forget to leave a comment below if you would like to be the next to stitch the travelling pattern!  I will post anywhere in the world.

Until next time

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Floss tossing

Hello dear readers!  Hope you are all having a lovely day.  Happy Mother's Day if you are celebrating wherever you are.

Not much stitching going on that I can show you as I am putting the finishing touches to my piece for Mii Stitch's Gorjuss exchange.  Very sadly Mii has decided this is the last exchange she will organise as a couple of people have let her down in the Easter Exchange she recently organised.  I hope the Gorjuss exchange will be a fun one and will restore her faith in stitchers.  There are only three of us so less chance of something going wrong!

I have been stitching away on my Cut Thru Pirate Ship for Pirate Wednesdays which is a SAL with the lovely Jan.  Here's my progress to date.  I have started doing a bit of the dreaded backstitch!

Cut Thru Pirate Ship by Bothy Threads
Stitched on 16 count ice blue aida with DMC threads

I have also nearly finished my handbag stitching!  This is a little piece that I carry round with me and I usually stitch on the train on the way back from meetings.  I only have a bit of the backstitch to finish.  It was a fun stitch with good quality materials as you would expect from DMC.

DMC Make A Wish kit

I was recently the lucky winner of the travelling pattern from Jeanette and it arrived this morning.  This pattern was started on its travels by Cucki in October 2011 and has been to the UK, Poland and Australia.  I plan to stitch on this tonight while watching the Eurovision Song Contest and hope to send it on its way soon...but what do you think of my floss choices?

I don't have any of the recommended flosses so thought I would have a go at choosing myself, but I think there is something missing and they all look too much the same.  What do you think?  Any suggestions?

I haven't stitched any more on my HAED.  I think one week on and one week stitching other things will suit me for now.  I still need to finish my Crazy January challenge pieces!

Until next time

Sunday, 4 May 2014

A new and terrible obsession

I am obsessed with stitching.  There is nowhere I feel more at peace than sitting down with needle and thread once the boys are safely tucked up in bed.  However, since Tuesday I have been in the grip of a new and terrible obsession, this....

Treasure Hunt Bookshelf by Aimee Stewart
Heaven and Earth Designs
Stitched on 25 count magic count evenweave, 1 over 1 full crosses
Started Tuesday 30th April 2014

One day God willing it will look like this...

and just in case you thought I had stitched loads, here is a less "close-up" picture...

Ha ha!  I do love it.  The crosses are so tiny and neat and the colours blend together when viewed from a distance without my glasses on.  I reckon I have stitched around 1,000 of 282,500 stitches as each of the red squares contains 400 tiny stitches!  I am really going to enjoy every stitch and can't believe I was scared to start a HAED!

I had stitched a bit on Morning Glory earlier in the week before the HAED shouted to me, here's an update, don't expect to see this one or any of my other projects any time soon!

I am still working on a piece for the Gorjuss exchange over at Mii Stitch.  There are three of us taking part.  Part of the exchange is to stitch a Gorjuss girl and finish however you like.  I have almost finished the cross stitch and have decided how to finish.  I am well on target (just in case Ingrid and Heather are reading this!) to finish before our 1st July deadline.

Speaking of finishes, look at this gorgeous finish which I received in the surprise post yesterday!

A beautiful Lucie Heaton mouse pillow complete with a cute gift tag which comes in its very own pocket!

This came from Jacquie of My Journey blog.  Thank you so much Jacquie.  It was such a lovely surprise and your finishing is perfect.

I didn't post a Stitch from Stash update this month as I completely blew the budget ordering from my local LNS.  I will post pictures later.  That means though that I have used my "free" month and will have to stick rigidly to budget now for the rest of the year.  I hope my enthusiasm for my HAED project will keep me busy!  The HAED 50% off sale is calling to me though!

Hope you're all enjoying the long weekend in the UK.

Until next time,