Thursday, 24 April 2014

I love blogging!

I love blogging!  It's so lovely to be able to share stitching progress with you all.

This week I have been working on Nora Corbett's Morning Glory from the Pixie Couture collection.  It's my first one of this type of project and I'm enjoying it.  I'm stitching on 32 count Lugana by Sparklies.  The colour is Lorchen and it's beautiful to stitch on, lovely and soft and with the edges already overlocked so it's ready to go.  This photo is true to the colour.

Morning Glory by Nora Corbett

Could I ask those of you who have stitched with beads, what did you use to stitch the beads on?  The pattern recommends either matching thread or invisible thread but I have never beaded on a large project before and am not sure which would look best.

Thanks to everyone who entered my little giveaway.  I could have given that little mouse away quite a few times!  In the end the winners were Jo who chose the ladybird, Chris who liked the owl, and Gaynor who didn't mind which one she received!  The parcels are going out tomorrow so I hope you all like what you receive.

Giveaways are lots of fun, especially if you have done the stitching beforehand, so I'm sure I will have another one soon.

I've also been working on an exchange piece for a Gorjuss exchange I am doing with Ingrid at Mii stitch.  I can't tell you what I am stitching but it's part of the Gorjuss range by Bothy Threads and as usual for Bothy Threads it's lovely to stitch up.

I need a new start but can't decide between this one...

or this one!

I am so desperate to start the HAED but am still waiting for Needle Needs to get new stock of their Millennium Frame and Stand.

See you all soon for my Stitch From Stash update!

Until next time



  1. Hi Justine - When I have to add beads to a piece (which I try to avoid) I use a matching color of floss. That has always worked well for me.

  2. Goodness I really love your fabric choice for your Nora Corbett design, its beautiful. And WOW!! stitching on 32 count!! I have not tried that yet.. I wish stitchy shops would sell samples just big enough to try stitching on all the different fabrics.. you know like the carpet samples you get!? I would love that then I could try a few and see what I could or could not stitch on.
    Well done those receiving your items from the giveaway :)
    Hmm as for your new project... both are lovely.. depends if you ant to long or shorter project? I really like the March Daffodil design its very pretty. And a HAED... WOW!! really! Good luck with that!
    Smile and Happy Stitching :)

  3. Beautiful progress on your Pixie. I love that range and must pick up some of them soon. When I bead I use the same thread as the stitches around the beading, so I bead as I go. A lovely cross stitcher years ago gave me a tip for beading which was put the bead on the first part of the cross stitch then cross the stitch as normal but split the two threads so that on lies on either side of the bead. She said it helps to stop the beads from dropping down over time. Hope that makes sense.

  4. Lovely progress!! I have not done much beading on my cross stitches but on the few I did I used a matching colour thread to the stitches where the beads need to go... Have fun with this :)
    Can't wait to see which Gorjuss girl your working on!!! I've ordered mine & am waiting for Mr Postman to drop it in my letterbox... so that I can start her! While on holiday, I found a shop selling plenty of Gorjuss merchandising items, so I've spent money already on these, it was impossible not to :P

  5. Lovely progress on Morning Glory! Such pretty colors to work with. I am looking forward to seeing your other projects too. I hope that frame arrives soon!Thank you so much for the giveaway. I will be loitering by the post office waiting for the package :)

  6. I have used both and I can say that I usually use the cotton thread that matches the fabric with a half stitch. If you are worried about thread showing through clear beads sew on a few and step back you won't be able to see it.

    About invisible thread, not all is created equal. I have used two different brands and both are slippery and hard to work with. If I had to choose I would use Nymo but it is not my first choice. YLI is horribly slippery and stiff it is very hard to get anchored down.

    In the end it is what you are comfortable with but I would suggest going with a matching cotton for your fabric. You will not be fighting the fiber and beading can be frustrating enough.

  7. Wonderful progress! Your choice is hard... hmmm... either one would be a fun start!!

  8. Wow, what a beautiful design! I too tend to use a matching thread when adding beads, but I'm sure it's just personal preference :) Looking forward to seeing your SFS report!
    Best wishes.

  9. Such a pretty piece, Justine! I have done very few beads myself, but have always used a matching color thread. I do sew up my little pillow closures with invisible thread, though, so that is certainly an option. It is a bit tricky to work with as it slips easily... Good luck!

  10. love the stitching, such beautiful colors, love your fabric choice

  11. Your fairy is coming along beautifully and I love the fabric colour.
    When beading I use a thread which matches the bead colour. I sew the bead on with the first half of the cross then split the two threads around the bead for the second half. This holds the bead tighter but does make it stand out from the fabric so two or three mounts will be required when framing your picture.
    As for your new start, well, it has to be the Bookshelf as long as you're willing to put in hundreds of hours! I know you've read my Needle Needs rant, so good luck with acquiring the frame and stand. Don't hold your breath!!!

  12. I always use a matching thread for beading and attach the bead with a full cross and not just a half one as the bead can tend to move later. The invisible thread is so slippery to use and sometimes it glistens on the light especially if you frame a project behind glass.
    She's gorgeous, such a vibrant fabric colour.

  13. Your maiden is looking lovely. I tend to attach my beads with white nymo, its specifically for beading, it comes in a little spool very similar to a bobbin. I find if I use white it doesn't matter what colour fabric I'm using it never shows. I also attach my beads with a full X not a 1/2 stitch unless I'm looking for that slanted effect. Good luck!

  14. What a gorgeous stitching piece. Like everyone else I love your choice of fabric too. I personally use matching thread of DMC that matches the beads. I use a full stitch with both / and \ going through the bead. I like my beads standing up.

    Hope you can start your HAED soon.

  15. Beautiful progress. Do the HAED!!lol

  16. I love your stitching! The daffs are great but then again I just love them and the colour yellow lol!! I missed the giveaway .... don't know where I was lol ... Great finishes and i just love the Ladybug you stitched ) well done!! (PS I love blogging too ..) xxxx

  17. Morning Glory is so beautiful and the fabric your stitching her on really pops the design and her colors! I attach my beads with a thread that matches the color of the bead. Also I stitch thru it twice to hold it in place. How exciting your getting a Millennium frame. Congrats to the winners.
    love Annette

  18. Morning Glory looks fabulous. Great progress.

  19. What a fabulous colour fabric...stunning. As for beading, I usually use invisible thread. It can be a real pain though, worse than metallics! Tough choice of which to stitch. At least the daffodils would give a finish sooner rather than later. I hope there will be lots of pics when you get your new toys :)

  20. Beautiful choice of fabric for Morning Glory. I have just ordered this chart today for myself and was wonderfng what t stitch it on!

  21. Absolutely love the fabric and the stitching. Its beautiful and definitely something to be proud of my friend.

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  23. Just started following your blog! I love finding new blogs to follow :) Anyway, I have heard that after Mary Corbet did her review on the Millenium Frame (which sounds AMAZING, btw), they have had a hard time keeping them in stock. I think it's awesome how that worked out for them. Anyway, I hope you get yours soon, I have heard they are wonderful

  24. Morning Glory looks great on that fabric! Very pretty choice. I use invisible thread to attach the beads. Its helpful especially when you have beads in random places throughout the design. You can carry the thread as you need and it won't show on the back. Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)

  25. Oooo...Morning Glory looks wonderful on that fabric!! I, too, use the invisible thread...I loop it through the needle, secure the two loose ends on the back and stitch with the doubled length. I've had no problems with it stretching or anything on my Chatelaine Christmas sampler that's hung for years and has many, many beads and features on it.

  26. Gorgeous colour, I love Sparklies fabrics. The 9x13 pieces are cheap enough to buy a few pieces to try out. Or ask if she has a sample if there is a particular count/fabric you'd like to try next time you order.

    For beading - I match the surrounding stitches if the bead is in the middle of an area and the fabric if it outside the main stitching area. With glass beads I will match the bead.
    With is my main guide to choosing threads -

    And thank you once again for the lovely ladybird and gifts! I blogged about it this week.