Sunday, 16 March 2014

WIPocalypse update March 2014

It's a full moon tonight so time for my first WIPocalypse update ever!  If you want to know all about the WIPocalypse then go here.

I'm so pleased that I have an update on a very old piece (for me anyway).  Here it is before....

And here it is now!

I managed to complete all of the missing 9 squares and start on the alphabet around the edge!  I'm so pleased that this project has seen some serious progress.  As you can see from the date of birth in the centre, I've been working on it for a while! (And yes he was really 9lbs 8oz!)

Measi asked us where our favourite places to stitch are.  Mine are on the sofa in front of the tv, and on a long train journey.  I don't have a set place to stitch but am hoping to treat myself to a new frame and stand with my birthday money and then I will stitch in my little craft room.

While not strictly WIPocalypse updates, I've done a little bit of work on some of my Crazy January Challenge pieces as well this week.  Here are some updated pics:

Riverdrift House Family Sampler
Started 1/1/14

Overlook Cafe (DMC Petites)
Started 5/1/14

Morning Glory
Nora Corbett Pixie Couture
Started 9/1/14
(an awful photo, fabric is much more purple in real life)

If you want to see what they will look like when finished then please check out my CJC tab at the top of the page.

This week I am mainly going to stitch my Bothy Threads pieces - Cut Thru North Pole House and Cut Thru Pirate Ship.  I am desperate to start my HAED but am still waiting for threads and fabric to arrive.  I will probably need that frame before I can start on it though as I think the fabric will be too big to stitch in hand.

Hope you have all had a lovely stitchy weekend!

Until next time



  1. It won't be long before you have the afghan finished - what a fantastic heirloom.

  2. Hurray on getting so much done on the alphabet design! I replied to your comments on my blog today but both emails got a Failure Notice. I tried both of your addresses but got this reply: Remote host said: 522 IP REPUTATION BAD (please check for IP address listing on reputation services)

  3. The afghan looks fabulous, you have worked hard on it this month, well done.

  4. Terrific progress on the sampler. You will have it done and hanging up in no time.


  5. Great progress made on your old project! Well done :)

  6. Wonderful progress on all the projects Justine. The afghan is almost done.


  7. Wow! That's great to make progress on an old piece!

  8. Great work on all your pieces. Wow you got so much done on the afghan. Beautiful!

  9. You've made brilliant progress on all of your projects Justine, I look forward to seeing your work on your Bothy pieces :)
    Best wishes.

  10. Fantastic progress on your baby's birth sampler. My youngest son was also born in 2009 (he weighed 9lb 14.5oz, it was a good year for babies!) and does not yet have a birth sampler to his name. I am hoping to fix that this year. His older brother has two...

  11. Great work in the afghan! Well done :)
    You have made good progress on your other stitching as well!

  12. Wow! Look at all that progress - congratulations!

  13. The birth sampler/afghan is just gorgeous. And you're close to done!