Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Enjoy the journey

I've been in a reflective mood for the last few days.  Thinking a lot about my stitching, and my blog, and mostly about the wonderful bloggers I have "met" in the last few months.

As regular readers may remember, I recently purchased a HAED design.  282,500 stitches.  By my (very) rough estimate, 55 years' worth of stitching (I grossly underestimated how many stitches I actually do!)  Katie told me to just enjoy each stitch.  I sent a reply via email saying that I always enjoy each stitch, but since sending the email I have wondered, do I actually enjoy every stitch?

I enjoy setting off with the first stitches on a new project.  And some of the ones in between.  But I have decided that I am a serial finisher.  I love how my needles fly when I'm getting near a finish and I get antsy if I don't finish something every month.  The reason I have been thinking so much about the HAED is that a LOT of time will have to be invested before a finish.  Many years, even with a more accurate estimate.  I will really need to enjoy each stitch.

I have always wondered at stitchers who have hundreds of projects on the go at once.  What makes them do it and how do they keep motivated?  I think the answer is...they aren't always focused on the end product.  They enjoy the journey.

Who's with me on enjoying each and every stitch?

And just in case you thought I was going doolally, here's a little finish from this morning for you!  It's languished in the bottom of my sewing bag so long I've forgotten when I started it.  All it needed was half an hour on the backstitch.

Finn McMissile
Anchor kit
Stitched on 14 count white aida with included Anchor threads

Until next time



CJ said...

You are so right it is the journey. Now that blogging is available I really love all the stitching friends I am making. I still owe you a box with patterns and Texa goodies, I apologize for the delay. I am a bit overwhelmed with family and my kids school. It is easing off now so I should have time to go to the Texas store this week.

I really need to work on finishing (actual framing, etc) of all the patterns I have stitched. Oh how time gets away from me.


Mii Stitch said...

This is what I like! The fact you start with a blank piece of fabric and slowly it takes forms and your designs appear...this is so rewarding! I love your latest finish, I remember watching the movie at the cinema with my tadpole :)

Katie said...

Thanks for the shout out. I do enjoy the journey. Each stitch makes a picture that wasn't on the blank fabric before. HAEDs are definitely a journey and I work on them with other things. I do enjoy the fast finish sometimes. The framed HAED I have on the wall makes me really proud though. I stuck with it and finished one haha.

Kristin said...

I am a serial starter. I love the promise of a blank piece of fabric. I love the planning and the organizing. The agony of fretting about fabric size. I love the first stitches and the last stitches. I am not a serial finisher though. I have been known to put something down for a long time with just an hour or two of work left not to pick it up again. Why? I hate the framing process.

Steph said...

For me I enjoy the journey. I find that once I have a project finished I feel lost (even if I have many more to complete). Enjoy the journey, it is why we love cross stitch. xxx

Preeti said...

Congrats on the finish!! It looks very pretty:)
I like both- enjoying the journey and finishing as well. I cannot create too many UFOs although I get tempted to try new ones everytime I see lovely projects on the blogs. I prioritize what I really want to stitch because there are many that we like. Moreover, I crochet as well, so those WIPs are also in the queue. I started actively stitching just 1.5 years back when I left my full time job. But I think I must keep an upper count for WIP, may be 20-25.

Linda said...

Congrats on the cute finish Justine. I love it. I think that's why I have so many started. I can always say I worked on them. I don't have any wall space in this house. All the ones I've finish are sitting in a plastic tote. Probably close to a hundred. I take them out every so often and look at them. My family and friends aren't interested in them. I just do it because I enjoy it.


stitchersanon said...

Its a bit like life really. We are so focussed on goal, aims and finishes that we forget to take note of the little blessings and perfect moments which make up each day. A lovely post xx

Julie said...

Brum brum, that's a sweet finish.
For quick gratification I always stitch a Christmas ornament a month, but let the longer projects grow and yes, I think I do enjoy the journey seeing them grow. I also enjoy showing them to others and getting their feedback.

Pull the other thread said...

Congrats on your great finish. Sometimes I do find to difficult to enjoy each stitch. I'm finding that especially with one of my projects at the moment, at times it feels a little like torture. With HAED's though it helps me, because I like the finishes too, to look at each step as a finish. So for instance when I finish a block, that's a little finish, the same with half and full pages. I find that way it helps me feel like I'm actually getting somewhere.

Bekca said...

I think I'm the same as you Justine, I enjoy stitching every day, but I do like the satisfaction I get when I finish a project. For me, it makes the journey worthwhile :)
Great finish! I love the Cars movies :)
Best wishes.

Emma/Itzy said...

I love the feeling of a new projects that very first stitch...but I need to have a finish from time to time to keep me going, I think that is where the smaller kits come in, they really help to keep my mojo going.

Oh by the way I placed my order for the bookshelf thread - as you can imagine it was rather expensive so I have put it on layaway and I am going to pay it off bit by bit! But I was lucky as I had a voucher plus a discount code so I saved a nice amount :D

SoCal Debbie said...

Oh the car is so adorable! What a cute face and congrats on a finish! I like the first stitch, and the middle stitches, and the last stitch too! I like thinking about who I will give it to as I'm stitching. I also remember what TV show I was watching as I'm stitching, so the next time I work on it, I'll think of what I was watching the last time I was stitching. I'm just addicted!

Stitching Noni said...

Love your cute Car :)
I too wonder how some people manage to stitch those BAP's... I have a couple of HAED's in my stash but the thought of starting one is just so daunting!!
I do find when I am stitching moderately large designs that a small finish in between helps me to stay focused. Other than that... I have to have a deadline for it otherwise other starts get in the way and the poor old thing ends up put away for years!!! (Have no idea how many of those I have now....)
Hugs x

Shebafudge said...

I have to admit, for me it is definitely a journey. I hardly finish anything and some projects I get really sad about finishing as I have enjoyed them so much. It took me ages to actually finish the last bit of Garden Shed as I didn't want it to end. Small projects though, I can't wait to finish generally. I tend to feel a sense of loss with bigger ones. That probably sounds really daft!