Tuesday, 25 February 2014

World famous!

Well, not quite world famous.  But I had a very exciting email from Jo yesterday to say that I have been featured as Blogger of the Month in World of Cross Stitch magazine!  I hope Jo won't mind that I borrowed the picture she so kindly scanned to me.

I only started this blog in September 2013 and never imagined that I would be featured in a magazine!  I feel so flattered.  I have met so many lovely people through blogging and have really been encouraged and inspired by reading your generous comments and of course your gorgeous stitching blogs.  Luckily I have a bit left from Stitch from Stash this month so I'll be able to buy a copy of the magazine!

In other stitchy news, I have another CJC finish - this one... 
Stitched on recommended 32 count Amber linen
with recommended WDW and Crescent Colours floss

We had a little bit of snow the other day but it didn't last for long.  We have been more troubled with wind and rain in the UK.  Thankfully nothing serious where I live in the North West of England, but it's very sad to see the damage that has been done elsewhere by this dreadful winter weather.

I have also been working on something for Bekca who won my giveaway last week.  It will be on its way to you soon Bekca!

Until next time



  1. Well done on being Blogger or the Month!! I found your blog via Jo's page earlier when she mentioned the article :o)
    Love your finish - LK designs are just so cute!

  2. How exciting, congratulations.
    A cute LK design, but not sure I want snow, spring sunshine would be nicer lol.

  3. What an honor! Congratulations!

  4. Exciting news, congratulations!!
    Love your LK snowman, it's so cute :)

  5. Congratulations on the feature! I can't wait to see your new HAED grow. It is a lovely project.


  6. Congratulations...love your snowman, glad I am not the only one working on xmas lol

  7. Congrats on the magazine and also on the beautiful finish!

  8. Woohoo...get you! Well done Miss Blogger of the month. I will have to get my copy and have a look now as I haven't read mine yet. Congratulations :D

  9. Ooh, I can hardly wait for my lovely parcel. No rush though Justine, I'm sure it will be worth the wait :)
    Congratulations on being featured in World of Cross Stitching! I'm not surprised, you have such a lovely blog :) Great snowman finish too, very cute.
    Best wishes.

  10. Hello,found your blog through Jo.
    Nice little finish.
    Congrats on being Blogger of the month.

  11. Congrats on the cute finish Justine. And a BIG congratulations on being Blogger of the Month.


  12. How exciting! Congratulations! I love your finish. :-)

  13. Congratulations on being featured!! And what a cute finish :)

  14. Congrats Justine! You are famous! Very cute L*K snowguy.