Monday, 27 January 2014

Stitch from Stash January 2014 update

Hello and welcome to my new readers.  I hope you enjoy my blog.  It's time for my Stitch from Stash update for January.

Stitch from Stash is hosted by Mel of Epic Stitching.  There are 130 of us planning to stitch from stash in 2014.  We each have $25, or similar in our own currency, to spend each month on stash.  Check out Mel's blog for all the rules.

I have seen lots of UK Stitch from Stashers saying that they are going to stick to £15 per month, which is roughly the equivalent of $25.  However, threads are so much more expensive in the UK that I plan to have £25 per month in my budget.  I've checked with the rules and this is OK.

Money spent in Jan: £19.36
Money to carry over: £5.64

I bought this gorgeous chart from another stitcher (keeping the cost down!)...

and I also bought the threads to stitch it.  The threads cost £15.26.  I checked online and from a US shop I could have bought them for $14.90 (equivalent of £9) which if my maths is right is a saving of around 40%.  So I feel justified using UK pounds rather than US dollars as currency (and am going to check the postage rates from the US as it may be cheaper just to buy from there!)

I had 14 new starts from stash in January, due to joining the Crazy January Challenge 2014.  I also started the piece above on Jan 15th.  Check out the Crazy January Challenge tab at the top of my blog for up to date pics.

I have been doing a bit of work on January's Snowdrop and on my Frosty Forest piece but I will do a proper update tomorrow.

Hope you all had a lovely stitchy weekend.  I am still catching up on reading the many blogs I follow, and finding new ones through Stitch from Stash and the Grow Your Blog party this weekend.  I do love reading other blogs, especially the finishes pages!  Very inspiring.

Until tomorrow,



Linda said...

Congrats on staying under budget Justine.


Shebafudge said...

Well done for staying within budget. What a gorgeous design that is - well worth getting out of your 'allowance'!

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Wonderful job! It is fun to get something new to stitch and still stay within the budget. You feel like you've really accomplished something!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful chart ♥

Julie said...

Cottage Garden is a lovely design. Congrats on staying within budget.

Emma/Itzy said...

Well done on stitcking to the budget, I don't understand how so many could spend nothing, I'm not sure I will ever be able to do that haha :D

Katie said...

Great job spending. I agree with your using the higher amount since threads are more. Our mailing costs just went up 3 cents the over the weekend. Now it's 49 cents a stamp. Crazy.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Well done for January!