Thursday, 9 January 2014

Crazy January Challenge Days 7 and 8

On Day 7 I decided to swap the planned project, as I was too tired to be bothered to cut the fabric for the planned chart (I am kitting up as I go along).  So I decided to stitch this...

...which had the fabric ready-cut included with the chart.

And here's where I got to after 2 hours on the stitching sofa...

I was pleased with it especially as I decided to frog the "s" as for some reason due to the variegated thread it stitched up much paler than the other letters.

Day 8 was Clocks by Lanarte.  Here's where I got to after just an hour..

I was too tired last night to stitch very much.  This will be a watch face once it's complete.

I'm really excited about today's start which is my first Nora Corbett!  It's not as big as a Mirabilia but it still looks quite involved with metallics and beads.  It's Morning Glory from the Pixie Couture collection and I am stitching on Lorchen fabric from Sparklies which is gorgeous deep purple colour.

 Thanks for all your comments, I really do appreciate them and they have kept me going on the Crazy January Challenge, especially now I'm back at work after the Christmas break.

Until next time



  1. Congrats on your new starts to date! I admit my last three starts have been pretty small, but it has been a busy back to work week.

    Great choice for today!

  2. Great starts and the Mirabilia is adorable! Don't blame you for being excited to start that one.

  3. Fab new starts. The Pixie is soooooo pretty. I can't wait to see your fabric and first stitches. You are doing great for your Jan crazy challenge. love Annette

  4. I love the Lizzie Kate. I may have to get that one for my self. The colors of the pixie are beautiful.


  5. Lovely new starts Justine.


  6. Enjoy the Nora design, it's a beauty.

  7. Great new starts. The fairy design is beautiful