Monday, 6 January 2014

Crazy January Challenge Days 5 and 6

I might be a day behind with blogging but I'm keeping up with the stitching!

Yesterday's new start was a Dimensions Petite kit, Overlook cafe. Here's where I got to after 2 hours of stitching...

You are looking at the darkest green in the path border and the bush in the right corner.

This is going to be a difficult finish this year. It's on 18 count aida which seems tiny and as I said in my last post it's got lots of blended threads and a mix of half and full cross stitches with many different numbers of floss strands. I am determined to finish as I think it will be stunning but am seriously considering swapping my other Dimensions choice for CJC to something a bit simpler.

Someone commented on my last post that this looked like a big project. It might be in terms of hours required to finish but it's actually about the size of a paperback cover.

Day 6 coincided with Cut Thru Monday so I decided to start my Cut Thru Pirate Ship which I intend to stitch along with Jan and Linda later this year. It was a hard day at work today and I was busy getting the boys ready for their first day back at school tomorrow so I haven't stitched much, but here it is...

That is a pirate's jersey and the top of his red pirate trousers. Like I said, it's not much.

Good luck to all the other CJC stitchers and please everyone keep safe in this terrible weather.



  1. Dimensions kits always drive me a bit mental. So many blended threads... I'm stitching one at the moment where the background is five threads in tent stitch, using two colours. Argh! The effect is worth it though. :)

  2. Well you got a good start. A friend of mine is mailing me the Pirate Ship. I can't wait to start on it. I'll join in with the Monday SAL I think. Every stitch counts so at least you got a few in.

  3. Great new starts Justine. I really do like the Dimensions one. I think I did the same part on the Pirate Ship when I started it.


  4. More nice pics. I find when I stitch on aida it seems to take me longer than the smaller count fabrics.

  5. Your doing great so far and I can't wait to see these two projects progress :D I should really get one of those cut thru kits - they are sooo cute! But I will have to wait a while since I am doing the Stitch From Stash SAL lol xx

  6. Well done with your two new starts. I no longer work with 18ct Aida, I just cannot see to stitch on it.


  7. Good starts :) I think I am already seeing some blended threads on the Overlook Cafe picture. Really like the Cut Thou design and I'm sure that the colors will make it a joy to stitch.

  8. Both look great, even if it is a few I am VERY tempted to get my Pirate Ship out and join you...but no, I have enough on the go at the moment!