Sunday, 12 January 2014

Crazy January Challenge Days 11 and 12

We're on the home straight! Only 3 more new starts to go and then I can start stitching whatever I like...with the intention of course by finishing them all by year end.

Day 11 was the smallest start so far. Only half an hour's stitching done on this one...
The boys are back in town by JABCO

This is the bottom of Dracula's jacket. I didn't have time to stitch more as we were out last night at my friend's 40th birthday party. We had lots of fun, caught up with some friends I hadn't seen for a long time and even managed to persuade hubby to get up for a dance! We didn't drink too much and were clear-headed for the drive home this morning. A great night. My friend looked stunning and it was lovely to meet some of her family who had travelled from South Wales to be there.

Day 12 got an hour and a half's love tonight..
Ready for Snow - Lizzie*Kate

Like many others I love Lizzie*Kate charts. They are simple and quick to stitch but so effective. My boys love snowmen so they will love this piece.

Well, my dreadful cough is back so I'm turning in for an early night. Hope you all had a good weekend stitching and hope to see you back he soon for the last 3 new starts.

Until next time



Linda said...

Lovely new starts Justine. Hope you feel better soon. My cough just lingers and won't go away.


Julie said...

Two more lovely new starts. Lots of ladies seem to be sick right now, I hope you soon feel much better.

Jan Gartlan said...

You have been so busy with your new starts. They all look great. Your Lizzie Kate in particular will be fabulous! Happy stitching.

Mii Stitch said...

Great new starts! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Katie said...

Great new starts! Keep it up!!

So glad you had a great time at the party. Good for you for getting hubby up to dance. I know that's challenge if he's anything like my hubby haha.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great starts, yeah my Saturday progress was pretty pitiful!

Emma/Itzy said...

More great starts, we're almost there Justine!!! :D

Basia said...

I've heard that weather in UK has been terrible., Hope you get better soon. Good starts, we're close to the end now :)