Friday, 10 January 2014

Crazy January Challenge Day 9

I'm in love!  With this beauty...

I was at home yesterday and managed to get quite a lot done while the boys were at school.  There is a total of 5 hours' stitching above.  The fabric is gorgeous to stitch on, so very soft.  I love the greens against the purple.

Today's project was going to be this..

but I have decided not to stitch this one this year.  One Dimensions kit at once is enough for me!  So I am going to rejig my choices yet again, and find something else.

Are any of you non-US stitchers doing Stitch from Stash?  I wondered what you are doing about the currency exchange rate?  I found out yesterday that DMC is about a third of the price in the US as it is here in the UK.  I think for that reason it would be fair if I stuck to £25 per month rather than $25 don't you?

I hope so as I've already spent £19.36 this month, on this gorgeous chart...

and the threads to stitch it.  I already have the fabric.

Stay tuned to see which chart makes it out of the stash cupboard today!



  1. I don't blame you for changing things up. I look forward to seeing what you pick instead. I would say what you picked for the spending amount makes total sense.

  2. Your new start looks stunning, you're right the colours are beautiful!!
    I don't blame you for swapping chart too... I mean this challenge is crazy enough! :) Can't tell you about the Stitch from Stash as I haven't joined it BUT, that is my plan for this year... to work on the charts I already have. & yes, DMC is a lot cheaper in USA & Canada.... This is so unfair for us in UK. Have fun with your projects xxx

  3. Hi Justine! Lovely progress on you stitching, the colours are beautiful! :)

    If I remember rightly there was a rule about the currency exchange, because of the fact some things are just so much more expensive here than in the US. I am doing ok so far and only spent £2.00 this month! I won't be spending much more this coming week either as the damn cash machine ate my card today! Grrr!

  4. aha! Found it!

    Currency differences. I've had a lot of questions about this. While I am in Canada I do almost all my ordering of supplies online with US retailers. So for me I will be using US dollars as converting is a pain when our dollar is usually on-par with the American dollar. For those not wanting to use US dollars, here's what I think. Just be fair. If you are in the UK or Australia and items cost a bit more because they are imports or just are crazy expensive (in Europe DMC sells for a ridiculous cost!!!) then please feel free to use your local currency. Whatever is easiest and seems to make the most sense.

  5. Wow those greens so pop on your fabric!

  6. Lovely new start Justine. I too, love the colors. Beautiful.


  7. Lovely pieces. I admire your patience for large projects ... they're large to me. :)

  8. You got lots done and the violet fabric really compliments all the greens. I am not doing SFS as I order everything from UK or Italy or US and that would leave me with almost nothing after the postage LOL But almost all the fibers are way cheaper in US. You can also get DMC in a really good price on from Hong Kong.

  9. I'm doing Stitch from Stash and am trying to be good and keep my budget at £15 per month. I have managed to spend the grand total of £0 so far which has to be some kind of record.

  10. Your new start is fabulous, such a pretty fabric you have chosen.