Sunday, 5 January 2014

Crazy January Challenge 2014 - Day 4

I didn't get as much stitching done on Day 4, only an hour and a half, but I'm pleased to say I think you can see the outline of the Snowman here...

The colour isn't great on this photo as it's a grey day outside, but this is stitched on lovely sparkly blue 14 count aida.  Nice and easy.

I've just opened today's start and had a bit of a surprise.

I thought this was going to be one of my easier choices, but not so.  It contains lots of blended crosses, crosses with one strand, crosses with two strands, half crosses with one/two strands, back stitch of course, but also lazy daisy stitch and French knots.  I know I can do all of those stitches, it's just the thought of them all in one little project that looks daunting!  I'm sure Mr Frog will pay a visit or two while this one is out.

Thanks for all your encouraging comments this year.  I am enjoying the Crazy January Challenge and especially because of all your lovely messages cheering me on.  Every day I feel sad to put each project away, and while I'm enjoying all the new starts I'm looking forward to January 16th when I can start choosing which ones to finish first!

Well, I'm off to find my stitching glasses and get that chart figured out!

Happy stitching and good luck especially to those other Crazy January Challengers who read my blog.



  1. I think you are very brave doing this challenge..I tried it a few years ago but my need to be in control seriously freaked out at having so many projects. Great progress on this one...def. looks like a snowman to me!

  2. Yes I can definitely see a snowman!! Your new project looks so intimidating but I'm sure you'll be fine. One stitch at a time! Good luck and have fun :)

  3. I can see your snowman too:) The other project is going to be gorgeous.
    It may not be so intimidating once you start stitching. the colors are so pretty. You can do it!!! love Annette

  4. I can see a snowman forming. I love the Dimensions kit.


  5. It does look like a little snowman!

    Your next start will be worth all the effort in the end!

  6. Good luck with the challenge, nice choices so far.

  7. Yes, I see the snowman! Overlook Cafe will be beautiful! Is it an embellished cross stitch kit? I also thought my Lamplight Bridge would be easy but it's full of blended threads, half stitches, French knots and others. Who decided these would be easy Dimensions kits to stitch? LOL

  8. Great start. Wow and double wow on the next one. It's pretty but would drive me crazy. I'm already close enough to being crazy I don't need help haha.

  9. I also see the snowman, well done, The next one looks big and I didn't know that Dimesions charts have french knots and lazy daisy stitches. Can't wait till tomorrow to see your progress :)

  10. The snowman looks great, and I love your new project - it is another on my "some day" list! You can do it!! :D