Sunday, 10 November 2013

What I have learned from sorting out my threads.....

1. It is possible to hate inanimate objects such as plastic bobbins.

2. I really did not need to keep buying skeins of DMC 3799 brown/grey.  I already had 5 of them.

3. I hate knots.

4. For someone who usually stitches from kits, I had a lot more threads than I thought (over 200 skeins).

5. I can now wind bobbins in my sleep.

6. I am so relieved it's over and I can start cross stitching again!

Well, it went from this....

to this....

which is a big improvement!

An update on tall ship which is my must-stitch piece as it has a deadline to be stitched and framed by January 27th.  I am really pleased with my progress and hope to have at least all of the sails done by the end of November.

And finally, a couple of fun giveaways I have come across...

Heather at Heather's Stitching Story is giving away some lovely charts and threads.

And Nancy at the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is giving a Sewing Necessaire - your choice of colour. They are so beautiful I cannot choose which one I like best!

Thank you all for reading my blog and for your lovely comments and words of encouragement.  I would be a very lonely stitcher but for you all as I don't have any stitchy family or friends in "real life". It's a privilege to be able to share our hobby together.

Until next time



  1. It looks much easier to use now. Great stitching:)

  2. Hi Justine, well your perseverance paid off - your threads look wonderful! I am in the process of putting all of mine onto stitch bows but it is slow work. We are all happy to be your stitchy family. hugs Kaye

  3. Great work on organising your threads and beautiful progress on Ship.

  4. I keep my threads same like is much easier..
    Big hugs x

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  6. Well it was all worth the effort!!! Your floss is now tidy in its lovely boxes!!! :) I keep mine like this too...

  7. I guess i'm strange, I quite like bobbinating!

  8. Nothing nicer that looking a box full of wound bobbins and drooling over their loveliness. Well done doing all that winding.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment on my Remembrance Day post. It's nice to find new blogs through comments.

  9. Nice and organised :D I actually like making up bobbins. I have a winder that makes it much easier ^^

    The ship is looking lovely, can't wait to see more!

  10. Tall Ship is really pretty Justine. I love the colors in the sails. Good job on the bobbin winding. I did that many years ago and wound about 400!!


  11. I love the tall ship looks beautiful! Lonely? In Blogland? We can't have that... I have several new friends who have just started blogging so have less than 50 followers..I will do something about this in my next post xx
    Yup hate sorting threads too...I have to catlogue them to so I know what I have and what I havent..and where they are. Par for the course I guess xxxx

  12. Your ship looks stunning so far. I look forward to seeing more of it. I enjoyed your blog and will be following it.

  13. Always a good feeling when all the colours are put away in order! I have a bag of floss for two HAED charts and I haven't starting winding them yet, I'm dreading it! Your tall ship looks great so far.