Friday, 18 October 2013

A new start....

Here they are....the headless ballerinas!

I thought they would look good for Halloween!

This is going to be a door hanger for our niece Fabienne who will be 6 just after Christmas. I may stitch it again for another niece Amelia who is 7 in April. I don't usually like to stitch the same thing twice but this is a very cute pattern and a quick stitch.

It's Harvest Festival at my sons' school today. Eldest son (age 5) has been chosen to speak. He has to say "Please think about what you have seen and heard" at the end of the assembly. He is quite quiet so it's a big challenge for him but he has been practising projecting his voice all week! Little son, age 4, is taking part in a Bean Dance. Apparently he is so good at remembering the steps and song that he is on the front row of his class! He is a natural show-off so I'm sure he will love the attention. I am going to be one proud Mum this morning.

Tonight I'm off to a local hotel for a night of relaxation and chat with my friend Katy, followed by a trip to the spa tomorrow. We try to do this every year around the same time. Even if we have been too busy to see much of each other all year, it's good to have something fixed in our diaries. DH and the boys are having a "men's day" on Saturday. All I know is that it involves films, sweets and shopping for Halloween costumes!

Hope you all have a lovely relaxing weekend. I will be taking my iPad so I can keep up with your blogs!

Until next time



sharine said...

Very pretty new start. Have fun!

Linda said...

Cute new start. Have fun with your friend.


Sally said...

Cute new start!

Have a fantastic time :)

Jan Gartlan said...

What a sweet pattern. It sounds like a fab weekend!