Thursday, 19 September 2013

One finish, two starts and a sniper in my sewing bag!

Hello again and thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on managing projects both big and small.  I am sticking with my trusty hands for now but am going to have a look at Q Snaps which I had never heard of before!

Lots of stitching done this week....

a joy to stitch...

This is a Lizzie Kate Quick-It which I stitched in a couple of evenings last week.  It was my first time working on 32 count linen.  I like linen but have never worked on anything finer than 28 count.  I really liked the linen (Permin natural) and would definitely use again.  It was also my first project using WDW hand-dyed thread which slipped through the linen like butter.  The colours don't really come out in the picture but the some of the letters and the paler green are variegated.

If anyone would like this little pattern, I will set it off on its travels.  Leave a comment below saying you would like to be entered, and I will draw a name out next Thursday 26th September.

Now for my other new start...

one morning's happy stitching...

Another Bothy Threads!  This is going to be my Thursday project while the boys are at school.

Some progress on Cut Thru North Pole House this week.  Here's last week's picture...

And now for this week!  I have stitched the chimney on the right with the santa hat on top, the sleigh and the moon.  This is my first page (2 of 4) almost complete so I made a start on the dreaded backstitch.  It's not too bad as there are very few fractionals (just a few in the face of the moon) and it's really bringing the picture to life.

 I love this project...

I hope one of those parcels is for me!

Oh, and I found a sniper in my sewing bag this week...

 can you see him?
how did he get in there?!

Have you ever seen the Scarlet Quince website?  They have some gorgeous patterns.  I would love to start one but keep changing my mind about which one!  As they are so large it's important to me to make the right choice as it will be a long-term project.  I have narrowed it down to these five but keep changing my mind on my favourite.  At the moment it's Virgin of the Lilies as I think the background would be the most interesting to stitch.

 Tea by G.D.Leslie

 The Torn Hat by Thomas Sully

 The Virgin of the Lilies by William Bouguereau

 Kissing the Face of God by Morgan Weistling

The Ragan Sisters by Jacob Eichholtz

Aren't they gorgeous?

Hope you all have a lovely day and manage to fit in some me-time!

Until next time



  1. Wonderful finish and great progress on your stitching. They are all lovely charts.

    1. Thank you! I am going to have to learn to make ornies I think...

  2. Congrats on the adorable finish Justine. Love your new start and awesome progress on the Castle.


    1. Thank you Linda. I can't put my sewing down at the moment!

  3. Congrats on your latest little finish Justine :)

    1. Thanks Ingrid. Can't wait to start another. I'm a serial starter at the minute!

  4. The Lizzie*Kate finish is so cute! I would love the chance to stitch this design and make it into an ornament!

    The Bothy Threads History timeline looks really interesting! I'll be looking forward to watching your progress. North Pole House looks amazing! I'll be stitching this one soon, but not as fast as you.

    I have drooled over Scarlet Quince charts too, but never bought one. I saw that another stitcher got the Tea design.

    1. Oh who is doing Tea? I showed them all to hubby last night and he said he didn't like any as they were too dark! I have narrowed it down to Virgin or Tea but then started looking at HAED! I really want to challenge myself with something BIG!

    2. Ooops! That was my mistake. I was actually remembering your previous post when you had a link to a chart you were thinking about doing. I clicked the link and it went to TEA. So it was actually you who I was thinking about!

    3. Ooops! That was my mistake. I was actually remembering your previous post when you had a link to a chart you were thinking about doing. I clicked the link and it went to TEA. So it was actually you who I was thinking about!

    4. Oh no! I still haven't decided.

  5. Just started following your new blog! Love it. Congrats on your finish. Have you looked at Mystic Stitches website? I have done 3 of their large patterns - all full stitches and no back stitching! :) I won't mention how many of their patterns are in my stash.

    1. Oh no...too many gorgeous charts on Mystic Stitches! I am spoiled for choice.

    2. I meant to add...thank you for following my blog and welcome!