Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A not very hermitty post

Well hello there and welcome to my very own Hermit and Stitch Afternoon.

I tried to take part in my first IHSW last weekend but things didn't go to plan.

First there was this...lots of fiddly backstitch!

And then we had a family party at our house on Sunday following the convalidation of our marriage!
Hubby and I were married 7 years ago in a local hotel.  Since then we have both started attending church regularly and I have converted to become a Catholic like hubby and our sons.  So having our marriage recognised by the church was very special.

Anyway, the weekend left me feeling quite exhausted, so on top of a very busy week at work, I decided a new start was just the thing!

isn't this pretty?

I am stitching this for my Mum.  When I ring home, my Dad answers the phone with the words "Do you want your Mum?"  We are regularly on the phone for an hour or more in an evening.  We only live around 45 minutes away but it's a bit too far to pop round for a cup of tea!

Speaking of cups of tea, I went to my LNS this morning, the famous Black Sheep Wools.  Anyone who has ever been to a UK needlecraft show will probably have seen their enormous stall with cross stitch bargains and their famous yarn dive.  They have finally opened a tea shop, the aptly named Tea Bags Full, where I treated myself to a lovely cuppa this morning.

the mismatched china is so pretty!

Don't forget if you want to be entered into the draw for this travelling Lizzie*Kate pattern, let me know before midday GMT tomorrow.  Good luck!

Until next time

Thursday, 19 September 2013

One finish, two starts and a sniper in my sewing bag!

Hello again and thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on managing projects both big and small.  I am sticking with my trusty hands for now but am going to have a look at Q Snaps which I had never heard of before!

Lots of stitching done this week....

a joy to stitch...

This is a Lizzie Kate Quick-It which I stitched in a couple of evenings last week.  It was my first time working on 32 count linen.  I like linen but have never worked on anything finer than 28 count.  I really liked the linen (Permin natural) and would definitely use again.  It was also my first project using WDW hand-dyed thread which slipped through the linen like butter.  The colours don't really come out in the picture but the some of the letters and the paler green are variegated.

If anyone would like this little pattern, I will set it off on its travels.  Leave a comment below saying you would like to be entered, and I will draw a name out next Thursday 26th September.

Now for my other new start...

one morning's happy stitching...

Another Bothy Threads!  This is going to be my Thursday project while the boys are at school.

Some progress on Cut Thru North Pole House this week.  Here's last week's picture...

And now for this week!  I have stitched the chimney on the right with the santa hat on top, the sleigh and the moon.  This is my first page (2 of 4) almost complete so I made a start on the dreaded backstitch.  It's not too bad as there are very few fractionals (just a few in the face of the moon) and it's really bringing the picture to life.

 I love this project...

I hope one of those parcels is for me!

Oh, and I found a sniper in my sewing bag this week...

 can you see him?
how did he get in there?!

Have you ever seen the Scarlet Quince website?  They have some gorgeous patterns.  I would love to start one but keep changing my mind about which one!  As they are so large it's important to me to make the right choice as it will be a long-term project.  I have narrowed it down to these five but keep changing my mind on my favourite.  At the moment it's Virgin of the Lilies as I think the background would be the most interesting to stitch.

 Tea by G.D.Leslie

 The Torn Hat by Thomas Sully

 The Virgin of the Lilies by William Bouguereau

 Kissing the Face of God by Morgan Weistling

The Ragan Sisters by Jacob Eichholtz

Aren't they gorgeous?

Hope you all have a lovely day and manage to fit in some me-time!

Until next time


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Bothy Threads and a new start

Hello again and thanks for stopping by.  I've had a busy week on the stitching front.  D started school today and I've been really worrying about it, and the only thing that seems to calm my nerves is stitching!  So I have been doing lots once the boys are in bed of an evening.

I've been mainly concentrating on the Bothy Threads Cut Thru North Pole House I started last week.  I'm really enjoying this but I'm going to put it down this week otherwise my blog is going to be very boring!  I have only ever really had one project on the go at once so it feels a bit wrong to start something new, almost like I'm cheating on the Bothy Threads kit!

Anyway, here's my progress for this week...

...can you see the elf yet?

I'm really enjoying this stitch.

I'm itching to try one of the Lizzie Kate kits I got the other week...I think it will have to be the "Be naughty" one as the weather has definitely changed in the UK and Christmas feels like it's on its way!

Now I have lots of new stitching friends,can I ask you whether you work on a frame/hoop and if so which one(s)?  I have tried to get along with frames but always end up just holding the fabric.  I'm thinking of doing a BIG cross stitch though from Scarlet Quince and not sure I would be able to hold that much fabric in one hand!  The kit I am thinking of doing is this one....

I do love tea!

Until next time

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bothy Threads SAL progress and a couple of little finishes!

Welcome to new readers and thank you for following my new blog.  I'm excited to share some progress with you!

First off, the first stitches on my Bothy Threads Cut Thru North Pole House.  This is part of a SAL organised by Debbie and Linda, stitched on Monday nights.  I think I worked on it just about every night except for Monday this week.  Mostly due to the fact that I got my days muddled up and thought yesterday was Monday.  Anyway, I'm really pleased with how much I managed to do to start...

it doesn't look much without the backstitch

I had a couple of little finishes this week too.  Both of these projects are free kits that came with Cross Stitcher magazine, which is a UK magazine I subscribe to.  The card is for a friend who is having a rough time at the moment, and the cute parrot bookmark was quickly snapped up by C!  He is a keen reader so I am sure it will be well used.

While on the subject of the boys, I was quite sad last week when C told me that he thought the 3 cross-stitch pictures on his bedroom walls were too babyish for him.  I stitched them all when I was pregnant with him.  I can't take photos now as he is fast asleep in there but I have to agree that they are a bit babyish and also a bit girly as I didn't find out that I was having a boy until he was born!

So the hunt was on for me to find something a bit more boyish, and I found this Pixel Pals chart on etsy...can you guess who it is? Clue: 3 of the team are missing!

And then D wanted in on the action so I had to start one for him....(this one's a bit harder to guess I think as the figure on the right is only a third stitched!)

If anyone has any suggestions as to what I can do with 2 Somebunny pictures and a cute Noah's Ark sampler I'd be very grateful.  I don't plan to have any more children!

Until next time